How to use clipboard in Flutter

Copying data to clipboard and pasting data from clipboard is quite simple in Flutter. However, you still need to install a necessary plugin to access clipboard.

Install all of libraries below in pubspec.yaml

    sdk: flutter
  clipboard_manager: ^0.0.4
  clipboard: ^0.1.2+8

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This plugin allows developer to copy text to clipboard in both Android and iOS.

It is quite simple to save a string to clipboard.

ClipboardManager.copyToClipBoard("some text").then((result) { print('yay, text was copied'); });

The con of this library is that it doesn’t support paste from clipboard’s latest entry.


clipboard is a flutter package that helps copy text to clipboard and paste from clipboard.

Copy to clipboard

 FlutterClipboard.copy('This is an important text. I must save it to share.').then(( value ) => print('text was copied!'));

Paste the last entry in clipboard

FlutterClipboard.paste().then((value) {
	setState(() {});

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