Best Resources to Learn C#

C# is an open source, simple, modern, flexible, versatile, and strongly typed object-oriented programming language. As a versatile programming language, C# will help you build Windows client apps and web and mobile applications. Besides, you can also use this language to build a Windows client app with the use of UWP, WPF, and Windows Forms.

Tutorials and Courses

If you want to get started with C#, then take advantage of the best tutorials and courses to learn C# below:

  • Programming for Complete Beginners in C# – The course involves live coding sessions, HD video lectures, and a series of exercises that will help you code C#. It will teach you how to declare and manipulate different variables, create methods necessary for code readability and reuse. You can also learn how to create apps that can be run in the console.
  • C# Advanced Topics: Prepare for Technical Interviews – In this course, you will discover an in-depth understanding of the advanced features of C#. Along with advanced C# features, you will know the best practices on how you can apply them at work. Then, you will learn more about Exception Handling, Generics, Delegates, Events, Lambda Expressions, Extensions Methods, LINQ, Nullable Types, and more.
  • C# Yellow Book – The C# Yellow Book will teach you effective programming by learning the first principles. All the content from this tutorial is free to use. You can download the assessed coursework, laboratory material, and slides.
  • C# Development Fundamentals – By taking this course, you will find everything about C# syntax, object-oriented paradigm, interfaces, generics, arrays, dictionaries, lists, events, lambda, and events. This course is dedicated to beginners, intermediate, and advanced learners.
  • C# in Depth, Fourth Edition – This edition will help you learn more about pattern matching, interpolated strings, expression-bodied members, and more. Inside this guide, you will find complete coverage of C# 6 and 7, composition with tuples, string interpolation, extended pass-by-reference functionality, and more.

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