Best Resources to Learn DynamoDB

DynamoDB is a hosted NoSQL database offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). It follows key-value and document database approach that delivers single-digit millisecond performance at any scale.

Tutorials and Courses

  • Getting Started – This section provided by Amazon to guide user through creating the first table using the DynamoDB console, querying and managing DynamoDB tables using Python, modeling a DynamoDB database for gaming applications, designing a database for a mobile app with Amazon DynamoDB, and building a modern web app with AWS Fargate, AWS Lambda, and DynamoDB.
  • AWS DynamoDB – From Beginner to Pro – This 19 hour deep-dive course will give you an expert-level understanding of Amazon DynamoDB. Beginner user is guided from little to no Database experience, through to a deep-dive or advanced level of knowledge. Advanced users benefits starting form the 2nd half of this course which delivers knowledge via deep-dive theory lessons and complex labs.
  • AWS DynamoDB – The Complete Guide (Build 18+ Hands On Demos) – This course will help you master DynamoDB from the ground up, covering everything from basic to advanced DynamoDB with Hands On, and integrate DynamoDB with web apps and mobile apps.

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