16 Different Types of Technology

Technological advances continue to produces many changes, not just in our society, but also in the world of business. Besides, many would agree that technology is among the most fascinating yet mysterious things in the world.

However, how familiar are you with technology? Do you ever wonder if there are different types of technology? Is technology just all about computers? In this post, you will get valuable answers. After all, technology is behind the unstoppable developments in our today’s world.

What are the Different Types of Technology?

So, let’s find out the 16 different types of technology!

Communication Technology

From personal to professional life, communication is essential in exchanging ideas, sharing information, and expressing emotions. This makes communication technology one of the most common types of technologies used in everyday life. Without this technology, it would be difficult for us to communicate with each other with greater accuracy, in less time, and more convenience.

As technological advancement improved the different ways to communicate, we can access communication even with our fingertips. Transmitting information is now easier with various devices such as the Internet, television, radio, telephone, and mobile devices. Many business owners make use of communication technology to promote products and services, enhance the decision-making process, respond to consumer needs, and facilitate the flow of information and knowledge in workplaces.

Information Technology

These types of technology deal with computing. Basically, things like hardware, software, and telecommunication are necessary to transmit information while making communication possible. It also involves data management of audio, data files, videos, and images.

Businesses take advantage of information technology to enhance customer service and decision-making process and transfer the right information. This technology includes Management Information Systems (MIS) to improve the development, usage, and management of various information technology tools in assisting the employees’ performance.

Entertainment Technology

It traditionally appeared from theatrical stagecraft; entertainment technology deals with creating or manufacturing something to improve our overall entertainment experience. Modern technology is used by the entertainment industry to compose and produce songs, create video games, shoot movies, and more to keep us entertained.

No doubt, the entertainment industry is too broad, and each of us requires a unique way to get entertained. In fact, it includes automation, animatronics, sounds, videos, scenery fabrication, computer simulations, light field devices, augmented reality, interactive environment, and more.

Medical Technology

Medical technology is usually used in clinics and hospitals and is heavily influenced by innovation. It is created to various health conditions and to improve and extend life. This type of technology helps in sustaining health by speeding up the recovery process as well as reducing the pain.

Biotechnology and pharmaceuticals utilize medical technology to take advantage of the best medical equipment that is necessary for research, diagnoses, infections, and disease treatment. This technology already made an incredible impact on the field of medicine, from ankle braces to MRI machine innovations. Most developing countries invest and adapt the modern medical technology to enhance their healthcare systems.

Business Technology

The world of business becomes more technological since technology improves the business management process and makes transactions faster, more convenient, and more efficient. Business technology is changing many areas like sales and promotions, logistics, data collection, accounting data, among others.

This type of technology deals with the application of science, data, engineering, and information to achieve both the economic and organizational goals. It assists in achieving proper and systematic business operations and functions. Many small business owners utilize this technology to generate new leads and to compete with establishes businesses through innovative methods.

Educational Technology

Education technology aims at enhancing the performance of learners by establishing various technological processes and resources in the learning environment. With the advancements of technology in the academic discipline aspect, the students are geared to achieve deeper understanding and knowledge of certain subjects.

When learners utilize this type of technology, they can easily formulate solutions to problems. While it improves the methods of learning, the students develop motivation and encourage individual learning and continue their discoveries. Besides, this technology provides them easier access to different educational materials and gamification to learn new subjects.

Product Technology

Product technology deals with an innovative process to create certain products for the market, which includes the manufacturing process. This technology helps manufacturers needed manpower, materials, and manpower. E-commerce apps, banking apps, slot machines, among others, fall under this type of technology.

As product technology involves the understanding of characteristics and specifications of a product or service, the manufacturers can create them according to the needs of the consumers. This technology assists in determining the product’s functional structure, properties, and characteristics to meet the unique needs and requirements of the buyers.

Architecture Technology

Architecture technology is consists of different industries like real estate, residential contract, construction, building engineering, and material manufacturing. It deals with the applications of the science behind the construction and of designing buildings.

This technology assists with different elements of buildings, which include smart elevators and windows. New construction methods, together with new materials and technologies, eliminates the challenges in industrialization.

Construction Technology

This type of technology includes engineering structures such as bridges and equipment like tractors that are used for land preparation. This will also include computer software necessary for designing and creating the building’s virtual structure. Meaning, it is related to the methods and equipment used to build basic and advanced structures and buildings.

Construction technology offers construction tools that can enhance the operational efficiency within the given deadline and specified budget. These tools also assist in ensuring the builders can complete certain projects with no accidents and issues.

Agriculture Technology

Since ancient times, agriculture has been playing an integral role in human’s life. Before the introduction of modern technology, people used to do everything by sowing, plowing, and harvesting by themselves. As agriculture technology came into the scene, people utilize information technologies, devices, machines, and sensors. These technologies allow many businesses to become safe, more environment-friendly, more efficient, and more profitable.

Agriculture technology has introduced pieces of machinery for farming stages and other agricultural processes such as the feeding of livestock,  sorting of products, harvesting of crops, land irrigation, soil tilling, and seed plantation. This technology includes machinery that performs the jobs which were performed formerly by animals and humans.

Operation Technology

Operation technology involves the use of hardware and software to monitor and control the performance of physical devices. This technology is a result of long phases of experimentation and observation to achieve a productive process.

This type of technology was used in industrial control systems for manufacturing, transportation, and utilities. Unlike the information technology, technologies used to manage the operations and function in these industries aren’t networked.

Assistive Technology

Assistive technology works for individuals with disabilities. Software programs, devices, and equipment are used to modify, maintain, or enhance the functional capabilities of disabled individuals. This type of technology assists people who have difficulty in learning, walking, pointing, hearing, seeing, remembering, writing, speaking, among others.

Many schools use various assistive technology to assist autistic students in understanding and gain new knowledge more effectively. Overall, this technology made it easier and possible for people with disabilities to perform tasks that they fail to accomplish before.

Artificial Intelligence

The principle behind artificial intelligence is to create software, machines, or computers that can think the way we do. This technology utilizes the way our brain thinks, learns, acts, and even makes decisions. Mathematics, engineering, linguistics, computer science, physics, biology, and psychology contribute to this type of technology.

Speech recognition, learning, planning, and problem-solving are some of the artificial intelligence samples. This technology requires access to relations, objects, categories, and properties to implement knowledge engineering.

Space Technology

Being the sub-part of the aerospace industry, space technology is utilized in space satellites, flights, and explorations. It consists of space crafts, space stations, support infrastructure, procedures, equipment, and satellites. While it is an important part of our lives, this technology is used in various areas like GPS systems, satellite telecast, weather forecasting, and remote sensing.

Astronomy and earth science are other sciences that benefit from this type of technology. Space technology is utilized to explore or commercialize space like spacecraft and communication satellites.

Robotics Technology

Robotics technology deals with maintaining, building, and designing robots. These robots work with the help of artificial intelligence technology. Robotic technicians are responsible for maintaining and handling robots, while robotic engineers design and build them. Robots that are smart and highly developed can perform a number of tasks to reduce human work.

This technology utilizes various computer systems to ensure processing, controlling, and sensory feedback of information. It is primarily used to build machines to be substituted for humans or replicate their actions. Every robot requires intelligence to perform different tasks such as object manipulation and navigation, motion planning, mapping, as well as localization. Automobile manufacturers utilize this technology to perform simple, repetitive tasks, and other industries that involve hazardous situations and environments for humans.


This technology involves intelligence. They can surpass even the most gifted or smartest minds of humans. It also refers to the problem-solving systems such as super-intelligent language and engineering assistants. It can be connected to the singularity concept, indicating that a certain catalyst or trigger may cause drastic changes that are way beyond our anticipations.

Superintelligence plays an integral part in many discussions in terms of artificial intelligence ethics, which is necessary to protect its development as well as humans from liabilities in running any artificial intelligence models. While it is still under progress, more interactive interfaces and systems allow humans to approach the virtual communication models.

Final Thoughts

Technology can be utilized for a whole lot of good. However, it can also destroy our world. It can completely influence the way we live today. Besides, we enjoy the comfort and convenience it offers.

With the above ideas, do you find technology really fascinating?

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