6 Types of Robots

There are six types of robots, and each one provides a different joint configuration and uses. Here are the kinds of robots that you must know.

Industrial Robots

This often includes the most basic type of machine – a semi-stationary or stationary device, which performs a repetitive task. Industrial robots generally are some of the least bright and clever because the job they carry out is simple, and the settings wherein they work are free of external influences that can disrupt the routines.

Exploration robots

This ranges in complexity from plain probes to totally autonomous spacecraft. This is used in exploring space’s farthest reaches as well as the ocean floor’s darkest trenches. Some good examples of exploration robots are the Mars Rover Opportunity, Remotely Operated Vehicle, or ROV, which carries out autonomous jobs while having the ability to be run by a remote pilot or remote operator.

Consumer Robots

This type of robot is very commonplace, which a lot of people are not able to see them as robots. This is the little household helper which modestly makes lives easier and more comfortable.  Some good examples of consumer robots include Roomba, which is an autonomous cleaning machine armed with sensors to assist you in navigating the space you put it in.

Medical Robots

Apart from exploration, production as well as menial jobs, robots can also save lives. This type of robot ranges from autonomous arms, which assist doctors or surgeons in delicate surgeries to the emerging arena of the mind, controlled robotic prosthetics as well as exoskeletons. While you probably won’t see totally autonomous surgeons for a lot of years to come, medical robots have pushed the limitations of medicine with respect to what can be accomplished without the need to resort to risky invasive.

Aerospace Robots

This type of robot is able to fly. This is different from an exploration robot in which it does not comes with surface rovers or aquatic automation. Popular types of aerospace robots are remotely controlled or autonomous drones, or spacecraft that can be utilized for an array of uses like deep space exploration, research as well as military intelligence.

Aquatic Robots

This type of robot goes far beyond ocean exploration. This robot is able to work with the coast guard as unmanned ships and have been utilized by marine biologists as well as conservationists to assist in supplement components of marine ecosystems, which have been devastated by climate change as well as industrialization efforts such as off-shore drilling.

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