6 New Types of Construction Technology

A lot of construction techniques and practices at this point have been around for decades. While some are a little bit more recent, and while people love the time-proven and tested ways, which brought the industry to where it is now, it is thrilling to witness how new construction practices and methods and innovation are remolding our approach. Here are the six new types of construction technology today.


It is not about consumer-grade fitness trackers or smartwatches. In the world of construction, wearables talk about rugged and tough devices made to survive a job site’s abuses.

Smart helmets with pull down visors are overflowing with essential features like smart front and rear-facing cameras, health monitoring headband, sensors as well as wireless connectivity. Other wearables are enhanced safest vests and rugged health monitors, all made to enhance the safety in the site and productivity.

3D Printing and Robotic

3D printers and robotic building arms are utilized to make building components or the whole buildings. These technologies use concrete, plastics, and extruded concrete to print components and structures of all forms and are instantly adopted on a broader scale. Dubai is a place of the first ever 3D-printed office building. Also, robots serve other applications in construction, putting bricks, demolishing, excavating, and accessing areas that are hard or not safe for a human being. Robotics is also utilized for mapping purposes. Sensors can virtually map the building layout and any objects inside.

State of the Art BIM

BIM is a single, collaborative computerized system, which combines solid work processes and technology. With the capability to connect Building Information Modeling to wireless mobile devices, organizations enable everyone the access to pertinent information, building plans’ 3D digital representations included.

Virtual Reality Devices

augmented reality tools and virtual reality have transformed how a construction site is developed. Through AR devices, real world surroundings are produced into a virtual space. With this program, you blend as one of your virtual designs into a true location.  This also helps with making precise measurements. Wearable smart glasses can measure the height, width, and depth of an area instantly. This enables for better project management since you can make realistic models and acquire a precise estimate of the materials required and the number of laborers.

Rugged Job Site Tools

This has not replaced mobile devices, largely as they cannot do the whole thing a mobile device can. However, this is changing. Unlike typical smartphones and tablets, this device is dustproof, waterproof, and made with tough and heavy duty materials.

Unmanned Aerial Cars

Drones or crewless aerial cars are becoming popular. These cars can be controlled remotely to do site surveys and examine project progress. Advanced models are able to take aerial videos, pictures, maps, as well as 3D images. Also, UAVs are useful in tracking logistics, doing site inspections, and examining as-built conditions.

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