What is Brute Force Attack?

Brute force attacks are a type of attack that is used to break into an account. This kind of attack can be done manually or using a computer program. The goal of the attacker is to guess passwords, usernames, and/or PIN numbers until they get it right. These types of attacks are common in cases when someone has forgotten their password and cannot recover it.

In a brute force attack, the attacker will guess passwords at random until they find one that matches. The best way to avoid these attacks is by using strong and diverse passwords for all of your accounts. Make sure you use numbers, upper-case letters, lower-case letters, and symbols in order to make it harder for an attacker. It’s also important not to reuse the same password on different sites or have similar phrases as part of your personal information like pet names or children’s names.

How to prevent brute force attack

As an example, if you have a pet name for your dog that’s “Muffin,” do not use it as one of the website passwords. If someone guesses the password is “muffin” and they are right, then they can now access all accounts where you reused this phrase or used similar words like “snack.” It would be better to come up with a random word like “cinnamon” instead.

  • Use strong and diverse passwords on all sites.
  • Don’t reuse phrases from personal information (pet names or children’s names) in any account credentials.
  • Keep your devices secure by using antivirus software and don’t download content unless you’re sure about its source.
  • Do NOT open attachments in emails unless you are expecting them and know they’re from a trusted sender.
  • Be cautious when browsing the web. Some browsers offer an option to block ads, which may lead to malware downloads.
  • Don’t click on links until you’ve researched their origin.
  • Avoid using public Wi-Fi networks for anything confidential or sensitive.
  • Use two factor authentication where available.

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