What Is An AVIF Image?

AVIF is an image file format designed to reduce the size of our pictures when maintaining picture quality. It is the next step in multimedia reduction, according to specialists. It is the most recent image codec on the planet. The extension of the AVIF file image is .avif.

Why AVIF is better than other image file formats?

AVIF has its own features which makes it the best choice and better over others such as:

  • It is the free version; you will not be charged to compress images into AVIF format.
  • It is supported by a few major players such as Amazon or Netflix etc.
  • It has the best compression ratio.
  • Openness, HDR, a colorized gamut, and other advanced materials are included.

How to Begin Working with AVIF Images?

You can begin using AVIF images in one of two ways. The first one involves converting the old images into AVIF Format and the other choice is to use AVIF-compatible picture editors to create AVIF pictures.

How to open an AVIF image file?

If you are new to this file format, you can use it easily following just two steps. Firstly, you need to download AVI 1 video extension on your pc or any device you are working on. Secondly, you can open it either on Google chrome or Microsoft paint.

How can you convert old images into AVIFs?

There is just a simple procedure to follow in order to convert your old images into AVIF image file format. This can be easily done online. Need to follow just these 4 simple steps:

  • Choose any AVIF file convertor website or app. Visit the same to start with the process.
  • Insert your old pictures no matter as to whichever format it is, PNG OR JPEG, etc.
  • Wait for the compression process to happen.
  • Save your compressed AVIF file.

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