Top 5+ Nerdy Things to Collect Which Can Make You Money

Collecting things has been a hobby for many people throughout history. We all have a certain type of collectible we’re fascinated with. Some people are into stamps, coins, or even pins and patches for sports teams. But what about collecting nerdy stuff? That’s the question I’m going to answer today. There are so many different types of collectibles out there that you can find, and as long as you have the money, it’s all up to you! In this post, we will introduce top nerdy things to collect.

Top 6 Nerdy Things to Collect

Comic books

Do you find it hard to believe that comic books are still a hot topic in today’s day and age? Many people think that the comic book trend has gone by, but it is still very popular. It is true though, with the older they get and rarer they become, the more money people will pay for them. Comics take many things in to consideration like appearance and covers when determining their value so even newer editions can end up being just as expensive! Even if your vintage or rare comics don’t quite meet this criteria there’s always room for negotiation – but who doesn’t want an extra few digits added onto their bank account!


If you are interested in investing, then one of the best hobbies to try out is coin collecting. Many people like collecting coins. It’s fun to find new ones, and you can even make money with them! Many of the earliest civilizations used coins as their primary form of currency. Ancient Greek and Roman empires, in addition to ancient Chinese dynasties, all relied on coins for commerce.

Depending on their condition and rarity, coins can be worth a lot more than what they were originally bought for. Furthermore, coin collectors will tell you that there’s nothing quite like it – getting your hands dirty digging through piles at thrift stores looking for treasures or ordering rare finds off eBay.

Action Figures

If you like action figures, there are a lot of different kinds to choose from. They can be figures of anime, or game, or movie characters. If you like a creative product, you will love collecting its merchandise too.

Some collectors will pay more for a collectable than they think it’s worth, just so that the item can be included in their own personal collection. You can make a fortune collecting the little figures that many of us have grown up with. From vintage sets to modern editions, these tiny collectables are worth more than you might think!


Collecting stamps is an old but gold hobby since stamps have been made. The stamps have existed since the 19th century so the hobby of collecting stamps has been around for a long time and it remains a fresh and fun hobby to do.

You can make some extra cash by selling your stamps. If you want to do this, it’s important that the collection is organized and has been authenticated if necessary so they are worth more money. If your stamp collection is organized, it will likely sell for more money than if that’s not the case – according to Learn About Stamps.


Rare, old books are highly sought after because of their rarity and high monetary value. You should research your collection of books before you decide to get rid of them or rebind them; they might be worth a lot more than what you think. If you have a first edition or classic, it could be worth some cash.

Movie Posters

If you have a vintage movie poster from before the 1940s, then it’s likely worth more than gold. There are a few of them available only. Fewer copies exist because they were used for advertising purposes and theater owners didn’t want them hanging in their theaters–they often discarded these posters right after films came out.

Other to collect

  • Dolls – If you have been collected dolls for a long time and plan to pass them down to your siblings or children, you might want to think again. They might be worth a lot of money.
  • Watches – The vintage-watch-collecting market may have you scratching your head at first. An old watch from can yield a nice price with proper research and marketing on eBay or Amazon Marketplace for example.

It seems like rare items never go out of style as long as there’s room for growth in the niche markets – especially if collectors know what they’re looking for!

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