Cute and Creative Small Gift Ideas – Miniature Items

There’s no denying that everything is better in miniature size. Miniature horses, travel-sized accessories, and teeny replicas of your favorite stuffs are all the rage right now. This year, give your loved ones something adorable in miniature size. They’re just like regular-sized gifts but cuter–and they’ll make anyone smile when they see them under the usual place!

Nendoroid figures

The Nendoroid line is a popular collection of super cute chibi figurines from Osaka-based company Good Smile Company. The figures are modeled after anime characters, which can be purchased individually or in sets. The Nendoroid figures come with two face plates so you’re able to choose the perfect expression for your anime character. Purchasing these adorable figurines can be done individually or in sets as well.

A box of their favorite candy 

A box of their favorite candy is a sweet and thoughtful gift for anyone! Choose your giftee’s favorite flavors or brands, then include an assortment. This way they’re sure to find something that suits them–and if not, there are plenty more options inside!

A personalized mug with a funny message on it 

This mug says it all–with a funny message on the front and their name on the back. It’s perfect for anyone who needs an extra boost of confidence in morning!

A personalized mug with a funny message is one way to make sure your gift stands out from the rest this year. Create your own custom design, or choose from our library of pre-made designs that are completely customizable (even down to colors). Choose something uplifting like “You’re so much better than you think,” or full of humor like “I don’t need therapy because I can talk to my dog.” Either way, they’ll appreciate knowing how special they are every time they take a sip.

Tickets to an upcoming concert or show they want to see 

The concert tickets are a perfect gift for anyone who loves live music or wants to see their favorite band in person. It’s also an opportunity for you and your friends (or even just one friend) to get together again, check out the show, and reminisce about old times at the same time!

Some new socks and underwear

Socks and underwear are always nice, but especially when it comes from your favorite store or brand. The coffee shop is also an option if you know their go-to order already (or can find out by asking). And finally, there’s nothing wrong with giving someone some milk as well– that could just be what makes this gift extra special!

If you’re not sure about what type of gifts they might like best, then consider picking up something small at most shops so they have many options. You don’t want them opening three different packs of socks only to realize that not one fits them.

An Amazon gift card

For those who are looking for something a little more specific, an Amazon gift card might be the way to go. You can either buy one that’s worth $50 or less and put it in a greeting card– like this one we designed with some of our favorite things.

A cute clock

Cute small clocks are perfect gifts for the person who doesn’t have time to make it out of work every day. This sleek device can be programmed up to many hours in advance so you’ll never forget a birthday or an important meeting again!

A tiny arcade game

This is a great gift for the gamers around you. The miniature arcade game comes with three colorful buttons to push and an LED display which can be customized with different colors, patterns, shapes and even designs!

Miniature stuff for office desk

An adorable miniature horse figurine that will find its new home on their desk as soon as they open the present. And while we’re talking about desks, why not also gift some matching office supplies? A set of pens with colors like pink and green for someone who loves stationery (who doesn’t?) would be an inexpensive yet thoughtful gift.

A small plant can also be a great addition to any work or home office space. Plants are known for their ability to reduce stress and provide some much-needed natural light in an otherwise dark environment!

A travel cocktail kit

A travel cocktail kit is an easy way to entertain in a pinch. The pre-assembled set includes mini bottles of liquor, mixers, and garnishes like olives and cherries, all stored inside a tiny suitcase.

And it’s perfect for anyone who loves a good drink but doesn’t want the hassle of taking their own ingredients on the road or waiting until they get home to whip up one from scratch before guests arrive.

A perfume sampler

Perfume samplers are a great way to find your signature scent. The kit includes six miniature bottles of designer perfume, so you can try out different scents and see which one works best for your skin type before buying the full-sized product.

It’s also perfect for people who have trouble deciding on fragrance because it lets them test as many perfumes as they want without feeling guilty about wasting money or overdoing it with too many choices.

Above are just some of the many miniature gifts you could give this holiday season – from mini footballs, travel-sized condiments, and even teeny board games that will never leave you feeling bored again. If they love something big enough to buy it on its own (like a game console), then consider giving them all the little accessories that go along with it instead of buying another gift altogether.

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