9 Tiny Things to Collect

Have you ever considered collecting things as a hobby? There are many different types of collections that people can start and enjoy. Some popular collections include stamps, coins, stuffed animals, books, etc. In this post, we focus on tiny things to collect. Maybe it’s just some coins or maybe there are buttons and paperclips.

9 Tiny Things to Collect

The next time you find yourself with a few items that need to be picked up, try one of these tiny things to collect!


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Have you ever heard the term “miniature” before? It’s a word that is used to describe something that has been shrunken down in size. A miniature is a representation of something, that is usually larger or more important. These representations are created to give the viewer an idea about what the full-size object would look like.

The word “miniature” comes from the Latin word Minium, which was an ancient red pigment often used in painting miniatures. The concept of miniature objects can be traced back over a thousand years ago when people began making small copies of sculptures and paintings. Today, there are many different types of miniatures made from various materials like metal, plastic, glass, and even paper.

Any things can becomes cuter with their miniature versions.


Seashells are a beautiful and inexpensive type of collection. You can even find them on beaches, so go exploring! Seashells come in many different types including ones with patterns and those that have been worn away by the ocean waves. It’s easy to create your own shell display or you could fill up jars for an attractive shelf.


Collecting rocks is easy, but it can be difficult to find the perfect one. Go outside and look for a rock that has a nice shine or color. Once you find your specimen, don’t forget to see how many minerals are in there! Rocks take more time than other collections because they need polishing before being displayed on shelves or tables.

Leaves & Flowers

Collecting leaves is a great way to decorate your home for the changing seasons. In autumn, keep an eye out for bright reds and oranges while in spring you can find beautiful yellows and light green colors. It’s time-consuming because they need attention from being dried off with paper towels before adding them to art projects or displaying on book selves.

Collecting flowers is amazing because they always represent happiness, even though some only have a short lifespan of one day. The diversity of colors, shapes, and smells means there’s something for everyone! Flowers often require care, so it may be difficult to find ones that are perfect enough to display on shelves or tables without wilting from poor care or being crushed by books on top of them.


Collecting stamps can be a lot of fun, but it may take up some space. Some people enjoy the hunt for finding new ones and trading with friends to get their hands on different stamps from all over the world! It’s also good if you want to show off your love for traveling or exploring other cultures because they’re symbols that represent those countries… but sometimes just make huge messes everywhere in one place when trying to organize them into categories.


When traveling, keep a small bag of coins from other countries. Maybe you’ll take home one Euro for every country on your tour to show family and friends! Coins can be sold at high price if they are old enough.

Action Figures

Collecting those small figurines we all grow up playing with is one way to be ahead in life. Whether it’s their hand-painted pieces or even some newer versions, each figure has its own value and potential for future growth because they just keep getting rarer as time goes on. Many fans of fantasy characters are collecting figures as their hobbies.

Vintage postcards

Old postcards are great for scrapbooking or framing as art. They’re also collectible, so keep an eye out and buy a few when you find them! If they don’t have anything written on the front of them, write something yourself to make it more personal.

Tickets to concerts

Hanging on to old concert tickets is a great way to remember all the awesome concerts you’ve been too. You can also use them for scrapbooking or make art out of them! Keep an eye out at shows and ask other people if they have extras. If not, it’s always worth asking because sometimes even popular bands will give away freebies in order to ensure attendance from their biggest fans.

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