9 Free Tailwind CSS Templates

Tailwind CSS is different from CSS frameworks like Bootstrap or Foundation. Tailwind CSS is a highly customizable, low-level CSS framework. You can use class to make any design you imagine.

Landing Page

Tailwind Toolbox Landing Page can be deeply customized for a more unique experience. It is free – whether for personal or commercial uses. It is open source and comes with a call to action, a fixed header and a pricing table. Plus, it has sections for promos and card content.

This starter template contains:

  • Fixed Header
  • Hero section – two columns for large screens and two rows for small screens
  • Promo and card content sections
  • Pricing Table
  • Call to Action

Next JS

NextJS Landing Page Template styled with Tailwind CSS and written in React TypeScript. It contains everything you need to make a landing page with pre-made React components and UI kits. Fully open-source and hosted on GitHub, you can easily customize for any project.

Included Components:

  • Navbar
  • Hero
  • Features
  • CTA banner
  • Footer

Ghostwind Home

Tailwind Toolbox Ghostwind Home allows a high degree of customization and can bring back some memories – it replicates the Casper theme. It displays a featured blog post and features cards for other posts. It relies on Vanilla JavaScript and Tailwind CSS.

Tailwind Templates

Tailwind Templates will surprise you with the simplicity and ease of use. The open source project is fairly intuitive – just copy and paste, nothing else. It comes with basic components such as alerts, buttons, forms, modals, cards like basic dashboard, image cards, and profile.


DentalPro is free of charge and will work wonders for more than just dental businesses. It is responsive and brings in an attractive landing page. Dashboard examples are also included – plus, you have a button for clients to make appointments. The template is free of charge – even with commercial purposes.

Digizu Product Launch

This template is mostly recommended if you are about to launch a new project, product or service. As long as something is new in your portfolio, it will work wonders. You can download and use it for free – just get the source code and change small bits to add your own content – easy to use and intuitive.

Tailwind Starter Kit

This kit is free to use as open source and comes with three pages. There are plenty of dynamic elements – Angular, Vue and ReactJS, but it also features some HTML parts. CSS and JavaScript components are not to be overlooked either. It is easy to customize for all kinds of uses.

Admin Template Day

Tailwind Toolbox Admin Template Day is fully customizable and can be used for free – open source. It has a search bar, as well as drop down menus for more convenience. The navigation bar goes over multiple rows. Users can choose between a day theme and a dark one, while the placeholder graphs are based on Chart.js.

Fair Rate Mortgage

Fair Rate Mortgage is not just a template, but a collection of multiple templates that can be used for more types of businesses – great for personal uses too. Templates can be used for free – whether personally or commercially. The landing page is well designed, while the dashboard examples are flawless.

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