10 Best CSS Frameworks

CSS frameworks are a great way for web developers to quickly create attractive websites. By utilizing a well-structured set of CSS rules, CSS frameworks make it easy to create website designs that are both user-friendly and visually appealing. These days most web developers can’t even imagine coding without a CSS framework. Multiple screen size targeting has become a must for any website.

With so many frameworks available, it can be difficult to choose the best one for your project. This article will outline the top 10 CSS frameworks that offer the most features, flexibility, and ease of use. From Bootstrap to Tailwind, each of these frameworks has something to offer.

Tailwind CSS

Tailwind CSS allows a great degree of customization. While some platforms create generic websites, this one allows designing your website with your unique preferences and needs in mind. Apart from the customization, you have utility classes and plenty of responsive options too.


Bootstrap is one of the leading names in this industry. The latest version comes with even more color combos and schemes, loads of modifiers, utility classes, and so on. The framework supports both Sass and Less and it has a low learning curve and built-in libraries for resources and extras.


Foundation is one of the most sophisticated CSS frameworks out there. It allows deep customization and comes with plenty of flexibility. It is suitable for responsiveness and it comes with a solid email framework, useful tools, and even online training support. Websites like eBay, Cisco, and Facebook rely on it.


Bulma is an open-source alternative. It is free and may seem similar to Flexbox – the layout is almost identical. Responsiveness will never disappoint you, while the community, pure CSS and easy learning curve come as extras that most other frameworks cannot provide.

UI Kit

UI Kit is lightweight and simple. You have any feature you can think of but without the flashy features. You can come up with modular and clean interfaces, a responsive result, all kinds of styles, and plenty of components. Given its minimalism, it works with almost every browser out there.


It is almost impossible to find a lighter CSS framework than Milligram. While small in size, you can get access to loads of impressive features. It is based on the Flexbox grid and it comes with some sleek and modern themes. Moreover, it is mostly used for neat and fast websites.


Developed by Yahoo, Pure is responsive and very lightweight. You will get used to it in no time – a low learning curve. The developer used Normalize.css to create it – easy to use with menus and grids. Unlike other similar CSS frameworks, Pure has been created with mobile uses in mind, so it offers a bit of flexibility.

Semantic UI

Responsiveness is what defines Semantic UI. It is user-friendly and intuitive. There are more than 50 UI components and over 3,000 theming elements. It is compatible with a plethora of external libraries too – from Meteor and Angular to Ember and React.

Materialize CSS

Materialize CSS is responsive and easy to use. If you are familiar with top frameworks out there like Bootstrap, Materialize CSS will be a breeze. It is suitable for both websites and Android applications, as it has numerous built-in components and classes. The framework is compatible with Sass too.


Despite having about 400 lines of coding only, Skeleton is responsive and provides a series of options – buttons, tables, forms, typography, lists, and so on. Complexity will never be an issue. All in all, this CSS framework is great for smaller websites. It is easy to get used to and it is built with mobile users in mind.

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