10 Best Smartphone Brands

Smartphones have become the most necessary tech gadget. It helps people do many things such as capturing beautiful moments with camera, communicating with friends, playing games, managing their finance, navigate users to right place, and many more.

There are so many phone brands in the market. This post will introduce the top 10 smartphone brands.

10 Most Popular Smartphone Brands


Samsung Electronics represents a subsidiary of Samsung Group. It is headquartered in a city with the same name and has become one of the market leaders in this industry. Its smartphones covered a broad range of potential customers – from low priced smartphones to the ultimate technologies on the market. Its Galaxy range is by far the most popular release. It has taken around 20% of the market share, hence its top position.


Established by Ronald Wayne and Steve Jobs in the 1970s, Apple is better known for innovating this industry by maximizing the capabilities of the smartphone design. The iPhone is its most popular product. Unlike other manufacturers, it does not have a market share for low priced smartphones, as it is mostly focused on superior features and designs. While other competitors have tried following some of its standards, none of them has managed to deter the manufacturer’s massive customer base.


Google does not need too many presentations – it is one of the most popular brands in the world. However, until a few years ago, Google was a relatively small player on the smartphone market. Sure, it is the name behind Android – the leading operating system used by pretty much every smartphone company except for Apple and Microsoft. Over the past few years, Google has proven itself as a reliable manufacturer, while its smartphones are classified among the high end models.


An unknown name to many until a few years ago, OnePlus is now among the top five smartphone brands in the world. It first happened in 2018, mostly because of how popular its 6T model was, not to mention the partnership with T-Mobile. The company has strong sales numbers in India, China and Europe, hence its top position these days. In fact, it has doubled its sales for a few years in a row.


Years ago, Huawei was an unknown name on the global market. It was a big manufacturer, but it failed to get among the front runners. These days, it has a global presence and it aims to come up with its own operating system at some point, which proves how strong its presence is in this industry. It is a preferred partner for many companies in terms of digital transformation, while its products can successfully compete against more prestigious manufacturers like Samsung or Apple.


Xiaomi is the fastest growing smartphone manufacturer out there, yet it has also turned to mobile applications and laptops. Established by Lei Jun in 2010, the company has come up with its own smartphone in 2011. The company is better known for investing in innovation. While the public was initially anxious at all the fancy features at a cost efficient rate, the reliability of these smartphones convinced the audience. With over 15% of the market and leading smartphones like the Mi and Redmi Series, Xiaomi has mostly taken over markets in Asia and South America.


Motorola has lost some of its popularity in time, especially after the innovative smartphone has hit the market. However, it still makes a good player and its new smartphones are widely available. It has around 3% of the market share. None of these could have been possible if the company had not been acquired by Lenovo. It was in a free fall, but the sales put it back on track.


Nokia was synonymous with mobile phone during the 2000s – until smartphones kicked in. The company failed to survive in a market that was quickly changing and it seemed like its end was near. However, a few new lineups put it back on track. While its market share is drastically lower than 15 years ago, the Finnish manufacturer is still able to provide low to middle range smartphones. It has about 1% of the smartphone market these days.


The South Korean company is better known for its premium series G and K, not to mention the LG G Flex, LG Nexus and LG Tribute. While not the leading manufacturer in the world, LG has managed to bring the best out of most of its competition. Its smartphones come with excellent value for money, amazing cameras and exceptional reliability. Furthermore, LG keeps surprising its fan database with innovative upgrades on a yearly basis.


Sony represents yet another major name that seems to lose the battle with innovation. While stuck in a rut for a few years, the manufacturer is still able to compete on the market with its unique design (square edges) and tall displays. Its products go in the low to middle range. However, every now and then, Sony manages to come up with an innovation. For example, Xperia 1 was the first smartphone on the market with a 4K 21:9 OLED display. Overall, the company is focused on the middle range market and offers good value for money.​

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