Add web browser to an app in Flutter

These packages are useful when one wants to load an URL within an app without opening OS’s browser like Chrome or Safari.

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Easy Web Views is a widget that shows HTML content like a web browser. It supports web, mobile, and desktop.

On web
  • It supports HTML element.
  • It supports Markdown code.
  • It supports convert to Flutter widgets.
  • It supports remote download of URL.
  • It can convert Markdown to Html and vice versa.
  • When changing an URL, we use setState to notify the widget to reload the URL.
  • It can make text selectable like a real web browser.
  • When different keys are given to different widget, the app can show multiple views on the same screen.
          src: '',
          isHtml: false, 
          isMarkdown: false, 
          convertToWidgets: false, onLoaded: () {  },


It provides a cross-platform Flutter widget for displaying websites and other web content. This package only supports web and mobile. And there is another restriction on mobile which is that it can only show content of the websites that allows iframe.

Navigation bar includes:

  • Address bar
  • Share button
  • Back button
  • Forward button
          initialUrl: '',
          javascriptEnabled: true,

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