10 Best WordPress Directory Themes For Business Listings, Job Boards, Classifieds and Other

WordPress is the best platform for creating an online directory. Add the fact, there are thousands of specifically developed themes and you can fully understand why WP is the best. Regardless of what you try to develop, this platform paired with the amazing themes, which we will mention below is the top priority.


This is probably the best creation of Engine Themes ever. It allows you to set up a website within a matter of minutes and to optimize it as you like. Drag and drop system is implemented so are advanced features, for more experienced users. Obviously, advanced design is available as well.


Listable is an impressive theme, due to the fact it allows you to create pricing plans, allowing your visitors to add their own directories. The theme will also create a table of fees if you have multiple plans and make it easier for your visitors.


As the name suggests, this is a purpose made theme. We liked the fact it comes with Geo IP feature, which will display the locations closest to a user. Integrated Google maps are also a great addition. The theme is suitable for all devices, but we believe that it is the best for mobile device users!


Vantage has been upgraded recently. Now, it offers superior monetizing capabilities. PayPal is obviously supported, but other payment getaways are implemented as well. Add the fact many child themes are available and you may get the best theme for your directory.


The theme is pretty straightforward. It offers decent monetization options and it allows to the users to choose the local directory according to their location or using the search option.


Developed to be one of the best directory WordPress themes on the internet, Listify truly has a lot to offer. Adding ads, charging to the visitors to access a website or add a listing is all possible. We also liked the superior search form.


ListingPro is a new theme! However, it has been developed by professionals and it will be upgraded constantly over the next few years. The search tool, ad manager, and complete review system are the main advantages. It also looks modern and it is easy to use.

Search & Go

Another, all-new theme with sophisticated features and advanced systems. It supports frontend submission and you can charge your clients when they add a listing. The innovative look is the main advantage here.

Business Finder

The theme is powered by geo-targeting tool, Google Maps, an amazing slider and most payment getaways options visitors can use. An image gallery is another, an important feature of the theme in question.

Spot Finder

Maximum screen coverage, mobile ready design and advanced features, in general, are the main advantages of the theme. Creating any possible type of directory you prefer is possible.


Creating a directory with any of these themes is extremely easy and beneficial in many ways. All of them are high-quality creations with advanced monetizing features.


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