10 Best Square Soft Games

Square Soft gained popularity during the ’90s. Those were definitely its best years. Sure, some funky titles still joined the market after the merger with Enix, but they are far from the popularity this company had in the ’90s. All in all, choosing the five best games out of its impressive portfolio is clearly a challenge. Some of those titles do stand up in the crowd though. So, what are the top games from Square Soft?

Final Fantasy Tactics – PS, 1997

Final Fantasy Tactics was a game that was ahead of its time. It featured a rich and detailed story, deep and strategic gameplay, and a beautiful score. The game was responsible for giving birth to Ivalice – a world that would mark many gamers’ worlds over the upcoming years. The graphics might look old-fashioned, but that was pretty normal for the ’90s.

At the same time, the hand-drawn cinemas are quite funny. Close to two decades later, this unit is still playable. The music is definitely stirring, while the English voice acting brings back good memories. If you want a turn-based strategy to return to the origins, then this is the game for you. Final Fantasy Tactics is definitely a timeless classic.

Final Fantasy VIII – PS, 1999


Final Fantasy VIII is a role-playing video game developed and published by Square Soft for the PlayStation console. Originally released in 1999, it is the eighth installment in the Final Fantasy series. The story follows Squall Leonhart, a mercenary who joins an elite unit of soldiers known as SeeD, and his love interest Rinoa Heartilly, a member of a rebel organization seeking to topple the game’s antagonist, Sorceress Edea.

Final Fantasy fans may not expect a significant upgrade after the seventh episode, but this emotional story is even more breathtaking. The story is based on love, while the gameplay underlines an exquisite interaction that you simply cannot find in other RPGs – not even the new ones.

FFVIII is noteworthy for its unique junction system, which allows the player to fuse magic spells with items and equipment to create more powerful effects. It was also the first game in the series to feature realistically proportioned characters, instead of the chibi style seen in earlier entries.

Reception towards FFVIII was mixed; while some praised its gameplay and graphics, others found its story convoluted and overly dramatic. Nonetheless, it has remained a fan favorite and is often considered one of the best games in the series.

Final Fantasy IX – PS, 2000


As an ardent RPG fan would tell you, the Final Fantasy series is one of the most, if not the most, beloved gaming franchises of all time. And while there are many who would argue that FFVII or FFX are the best in the series, for my money, it’s FFIX that takes the cake. Why? Let me tell you.

For starters, the story is simply top-notch. It revolves around Zidane Tribal, a charming but mischievous thief who suddenly finds himself at the center of a world-spanning adventure to save the planet from destruction. The story is both touching and exciting, with plenty of twists and turns to keep you engaged throughout. Add to that some truly unique and memorable characters – from the lovable yet frustratingly absent-minded Vivi Ornitier to the beautiful but feisty Princess Garnet – and you’ve got a recipe for gaming greatness.

But it’s not just the story that makes FFIX so special; it’s also the visuals. This was, after all, the last FF game released on 16-bit standards, and it really shows in the quality of the character models and backgrounds. Every location you visit is beautifully rendered and unique, making exploration a joy in itself. All in all, FFIX is a masterpiece of gaming and well worth your time if you’re even remotely interested in RPGs. Trust me – you won’t be disappointed.

Secret Of Mana – SNES, 1993


Released in the early ’90s, Secret of Mana was one of the earliest RPGs to hit the market. The active-time RPG came with a host of new features that would change the way people perceive the genre. Players had access to a free world, as well as real-time battles. This was different from the menu-driven algorithms used before, not to mention the turn-based systems.

The top-notch battle system is one of the main reasons why Secret of Mana is still one of the best games ever made. Thanks to its groundbreaking gameplay mechanics, Secret of Mana set a new standard for RPGs that are still being followed today.

Kingdom Hearts – PS2, 2002


Kingdom Hearts was released in 2002 by game developers Square Soft in a tight collaboration with Disney. The story begins on a paradisaic island where the 14-year-old protagonist, Sora, lives with his friends Riku and Kairi.

One day, their idyll is interrupted by an assault of Heartless – shadowy creatures that steal people’s hearts. In the attack, Sora is separated from his friends and finds himself in unfamiliar places, meeting new allies and villains along the way.

What makes Kingdom Hearts so special is its wide diversity of characters – over 100 Disney characters make appearances throughout the game, including iconic figures such as Goofy, Donald Duck, and Mickey Mouse. Each character brings their own unique charm to the story, making Kingdom Hearts an unforgettable gaming experience.

The Front Mission 3 – PS1, 1999


The Front Mission series is one of the best Squaresoft games. It actually started as a series of tactical RPGs that originated around giant walking mechanics. The features in the Front Mission games are more like shooters in the Armored Core.

If you are looking for games that possess real tactical depth with incredible customization, then you should check out Front Mission. They are good and awesome, and they deserve to be among the top Squaresoft games.

The Front Mission 3 game is set in the year 2096. It is a time when the world is faced with the prospect of another world war. The game allows you to choose from two different sides in this conflict. You can either be playing as the United Nations or the Zaftran Military.

The game has many different features that make it an enjoyable experience. One of these features is the fact that you can customize your mechs to fit your playstyle. This means that you can make them as strong or as fast as you want. You can also equip them with a variety of weapons to help you take down your enemies.

Super Mario RPG – SNES, 1996


Even a toddler can testify that super Mario makes him or her happy. The game is awesome and it is indeed a super RPG as the name implies. It was developed a long time ago by Squaresoft during the days of SNES, and still remains one of the best Squaresoft games in history.

Super Mario introduces the idea of timed attacks and it is easy to play. It is also one of the first games to feature a playable protagonist.

Xenogears – PS, 1998


Xenogears is awesome martial art riding giant robots that are fighting for the fate of the universe. Xenogears is better than most of its peers in this category and it happens to be one of Squaresoft’s last giant RPG opuses that exist before the introduction of Final Fantasy.

Xenogears was improved to expectations when Squaresoft and Enix merged to produce awesome games. Xenogears is a game that is a bit more advanced and more appealing than G Gundam.

Chrono Trigger – SNES 1995


The Chrono Trigger is the best among the best Squaresoft games, and most game users rate it as the best RPG of all time. This game had made its way among the best because of its in-built features that include combo mechanics, time travel, characters by Akira Toriyama, magus, and all the things you can think of that can make gameplay suitable.

Chrono trigger is number one on the game developer’s list and if you are yet to taste the sweetness of this game, you are actually lagging behind and you are yet to experience what it takes to play a good game.

Final fantasy VII – PS, 1997


Final fantasy VII is one of these games that everyone loves to play – in which many tagged as” the dead flower girl.” It is a great game with interesting features that involves great villains and great characters.

This game is very popular worldwide and almost all game players know how awesome it is and how satisfactory it is to play. Final fantasy VII is indeed a good game that deserves to be among the best Squaresoft games. The game is getting a remade version for the current game console generation.

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