5 J-RPG Games Square Enix Should Be Making

Square Enix is no stranger to the JRPG genre, but over recent years they seem to have lost their touch. However, there have been a series of concerns about the production capacity of top-quality games Square Enix should be provided in the market. AAA games’ sales such as Tome Raider failed to meet the internal expectation. The company also hit a new low point with its mascot game’s fiasco, the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy.

Square Enix started to regain the fans’ trust by announcing many sequels to their famous series. In this article, we shall be discussing other old J-RPG titles’ sequels Square Enix should be made to boost its production and get back its glory days.

Hopefully, with these 5 games, they can recapture what once made JRPGs so special and beloved by gamers all around the world.

Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross Sequel


Chrono Trigger is Square Enix’s precious IP. It was a great game and its sequel Chrono Cross is even a better game. We all hope for a new sequel which will be in glory HD for Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X. 

This will help the company get back lots of fans. If Square Enix really wants to break the sales million mark and become one of the leading games companies, then they shouldn’t waste one of the greatest RPGs game like Chrono Trigger/Cross.

A new Final Fantasy Tactics 


To this day there has never been a good turn-based strategy like Final Fantasy Tactics. The game’s depth is what makes it one game Square Enix should be making, and it is perhaps one of the games that fans actually liked.

The game was remade for mobile but the experience is never there. This game can make Square Enix earn a lot and sell more copies to the market. Turn-based strategy games are rare to find on the console market these days. This makes any good game instant big hits.

HD remake/sequel of Actraiser


Actraiser, developed by Quintet and published by Enix (Now Square Enix) was released in 1990 on the SNES console. It has a really creative idea that combines traditional side-scrolling platforming and a city sim.

The SNES console has limited power so the game’s combat and city planning gameplay couldn’t be explored in depth. If these features are to be remade in a powerful console, everyone will let out a scream of joy.

A sequel to the Quintet Trilogy


Soul Blazer, Illusion of Gaia, and Terranigma are called Quintet Trilogy, which was developed by Quintet after Actraiser was completed. That’s why you can see many similarities between Actraiser and the trilogy.

There were among the top action RPG games of the SNES era. Having a current generation game like them is awesome and will be able to fulfill gamers’ thirst for genre diversity.

A new Tactic Ogre game


Tactic Ogre is similar to Final Fantasy Tactics in both gameplay mechanics and graphics. Tactic Ogre also has a remastered version for PSP and it is a great game. Square Enix should develop a new Ogre Battle for the console.

More on-screen enemies and better skill effect is my wish if a new Ogre Battle is developed for modern game consoles. This and Final Fantasy Tactics will sell a lot with its great plot and unique game mechanic.

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