10 Best Android Studio and Gradle Plugins

Many developers don’t know about existing plugins for Android Studio which can help reduce worktime by a large margin. This post will introduce the best plugins for Android Studio, which can be used for all projects.


Exynap helps developer to find and implement the code effortlessly.  You just need to type in a command or function and Exynap will inject all code required codes.

ADB Idea

ADB Idea is a plugin that can save developers time when working with Android Debug Bridge (ADB). This plugin provides a set of commands that can be used to perform various tasks with ADB, such as installing apps, running commands, and more. This plugin can also be used to automate certain tasks.

ButterKnife Zelezny

Android ButterKnife Zelezny is an Android Studio plugin that can help developers generate boilerplate code for their projects. This plugin integrates with the popular ButterKnife view binding library, and it can generate code for activities, fragments, and views. It can also generate the necessary imports and enable the use of ButterKnife annotations.


GsonFormat creates a model class from a JSON string. You can just copy a JSON string to its editor then it lists all possible data types of respective model classes for you to modify.

Android Parcelable IntelliJ Plugin

The plugin is an Android Parcelable boilerplate code generator. It generates an Android Parcelable implementation based on fields in a class.

Gradle Build Time Tracker

This is a Gradle plugin that tracks and reports your build times continuously.

Gradle proguard Plugin

It helps add proguard snippets to your proguard setting file quickly.

Color Manager

Color Manager adds an XML window to Android Studio to show color codes for reference. You can drag and drop a color palette to generate a color id in code. If the target file is an XML, the color string is @color/color_name; otherwise, it is R.color.color_name.

Gradle, please

Gradle, please is not an Android Studio plugin but I still include it here because it will save you a lot of time spent on searching and updating libraries’ versions. You just need to type in the name and this plugin will add a gradle compile syntax for the library.

Gradle Retrolambda Plugin

Gradle Retrolambda Plugin is a plugin for Gradle that allows developers to use Java 8 language features, such as lambda expressions and method references, with Android. This plugin enables developers to use these features without having to use the latest version of Android. This can be especially useful for developers who are working on older versions of Android.

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