Useful Android Studio Shortcuts to Increase Your Productivity

Remembering and using shortcuts frequently will reduce your work time a lot, esp. for repetitive tasks. Following are the most useful shortcuts/hotkeys in Android Studio:


  • Alt + Left / Right: Switch to previous / next tab
  • Ctrl + Alt + Left / Right: Reversed version of Alt + Left / Right
  • Ctrl +Left / Right: Navigate within code word-by-word
  • F2: Go to next syntax error
  • Ctrl + F4 : Close tab. I personally don’t use this because I’m too familiar with Alt+F4 to close anything in Windows.

Search and Replace

  • Double Shift: Multi-purpose searching. I use this shortcut a lot to search for files in res folder
  • Ctrl + F : Find string in current file
  • Ctrl + R : Find and replace string in current file
  • Ctrl + Shift + F : Find string in project files

Code / Comment

  • Ctrl + D : Duplicate current line of code
  • Ctrl + Y : Remove current line of code
  • Ctrl + + / – : Expand / collapse code block
  • Alt + Shift + Left Click: Place an extra cursor.
  • Ctrl + Left Click: Go to Class file of clicked object, method or property.
  • Ctrl + / : Comment / uncomment a line of code
  • Ctrl + Shift + / : Comment / uncomment a block of code
  • Ctrl + Alt + L : Reformat code
  • Shift + F6: Refactor name replacing. This can be used in project view and code lines
  • Ctrl + Alt + O: Optimize imports. It basically removes unused imports.


  • Shift + F10 : Run selected build
  • Shift + F9 : Debug selected build
  • Ctrl + F2 : Stop build

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