Top 6 Android ViewPager Libraries

ViewPager allows user to swipe left and right through pages of data. This post will introduce 6 Android ViewPager libraries which bring better features and enhancements to the original widget.


UltraViewPager is a ViewPager extension that encapsulates multiple features, mainly to provide a unified solution for multi-page switching scenarios. It supports horizontal scrolling and vertical scrolling, multi views in one viewpager, switching views circularly, auto-scrolling, implemented timer with Handler, max-height, max-width and aspect ratio, built-in indicator, and 2 built-in transition animation.

Arc Page Indicator

This is an elevator-like elegant and original page indicator. The indicator uses an ellipse to dispose indication spots, and can draw a hand, like in old elevators. Arc Page Indicator has stunning animations and very original and discreet graphics.


This Android library makes background color of the view pager naturally move during the swipe.


EchantedViewPager brings some custom and useful features to ViewPager such as scaling scroll, alpha scroll and swipe-to-dismiss option.



Deck is a ViewPager library that allows you to apply a beautiful animation in your view pager, which looks like a card deck.



This is a ViewPager which comes with material design.

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