10+ Android Animation Libraries

It must be boring to see the same effects and no animations on all apps’ widgets. These libraries will apply different types of effects to Android widgets.

Lottie for Android. Lottie is an animation library for Android. It can parse Adobe After Effects animations exported as JSON with Bodymovin and render them. With Lottie’s help, it has never been easier to create and implement smooth and beautiful animation on Android apps.


AndroidViewAnimations. AndroidViewAnimations applies a shaking effect to any widget. It features over 20 normal and special effects. Some of them are Flash, Pulse, RubberBand, Shake, Swing, Wobble, Bounce, Tada, StandUp, Wave, Hinge, RollIn, RollOut, Landing, TakingOff, DropOut, and more.

Rebound. Rebound is a library that models spring dynamics for Android. Rebound spring models apply real-world physics to an app. That’s why they create animations that feel natural. Rebound is used in many famous apps such as Flow, Evernote, Mirage, Slingshot, Skitch, LinkedIn, and Jelly.


Spruce. Spruce is a lightweight animation library that helps developers implement complex multi-view animations. Spruce features Sort Functions, including 8 stock SortFunction implementations – DefaultSort, LinearSort, CorneredSort, RadialSort, RandomSort, InlineSort, ContinousSort, and ContinuousWeightedSort.

Backboard. It is a motion-driven animation framework for Android, which is developed on top of Rebound (above).

AnimatorDurationTile. This library offers 2 quick settings tiles for Android users to quickly set the animator duration scale. There are 2 types of tiles; one is for quick settings which can switch between 1x and 5x speed, and the other allows fully selected options.


Android Animations Actions. This library is inspired by libgdx scene2d actions. Hence, actions for android animations were developed with the purpose of making creation of complicated animations easier.


SmallBang. If you like the small bang when a button is clicked using Twitter, this library can help you apply that effect to TextView, Button, and ImageView.


ViewAnimator. A fluent Android animation library that supports standard animated effects such as rotation and scale.


NiftyDialogEffects. It can add effects to Dialog. Effects consist of Fadein, Slideleft, Slidetop, SlideBottom, Slideright, Fall, Newspager, Fliph, Flipv, RotateBottom, RotateLeft, Slit, Shake, and Sidefill.

EasingInterpolator. This library introduces 28 different easing animation interpolators for Android. Instead of using the standard 4 params ease signature, EasingInterpolator introduces a single param which indicates the current linear ratio of the tween.


FragmentAnimations. This library can apply 3D effect animations to fragments when they are switched. It includes many standard animations such as cube, flip, push/pull, and slide.

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