A List of iOS and Android Game Makers

People always think making Android games is hard. I think the same, too. Developing a game takes a long time, from learning to code to making game assets. That’s why many developers, including me want to find an easy solution to at least reduce development time as much as possible. That’s the reason for Android game makers to exist. They help developers to code less in order to focus on other aspects such as assets design.

They make Android game development easier but comes with limited flexibility. If you want to develop more complicated games, I suggest choosing an Android game engine or SDK.


Following are a list of free & paid Android game makers worth using

It is a very popular platform which caters to all levels of developers. With its built-in visual drag-and-drop interface, you will find building games for Android easy. It supports a lots of platforms, from HTML5, mobile to game console.

Buildbox is designed to make making games easy for everyone, from developers to designers. A game’s logic and assets are created using drag-n-drop feature in its studio, be it character, enemy, background, object, power-up, or effect. There are a lot of hit games developed in Buildbox, including Color Switch, Damn Daniel and The Line Zen.

Construct 2
Construct 2 does the hard worrk so developers don’t need to re-invent the wheel. Anyone can make complicated and fantastic games without writing a line of code. Its drag-and-drop UI makes connecting elements together into a game quick and easy.

Stencyl is another non-average game creation software. It has a beautiful and intuitive toolset that accelerates any developer’ workflow. Stencyl has many games reached top slots in the App Store and Google Play.

It is a Unity3D’s visual scripting plugin which make developing games in Unity3D easier. If you are a Unity3D user, you must use PlayMaker. It is an essential tool which totally change the way a game is developed and accelerate the progress.

GameSalad is a popular game maker which has a user community of over 750,000 developers from 189 countries. It has a lot of games which hit top games in app stores.

Fusion 2.5
Fusion 2.5 provides users with an amazing event editor system that can help games or apps generated quickly. CF2.5 deeply implement the famous Box2d physics iinto the movement property tab for most objects. There is no complex programming language to learn with this tool.

Playir offers drag and drop tools to allow anyone to create and customize characters, menus, levels and more. It has real-time development mode which send assets, ui and source code changes straight to devices.

Game Editor
This is an open source game maker that gives developers a list of toolset to make games in a simple interface.

Flowlab is an online game makers which let you create your own Android and iOS games. It also provide hosting for you games in all packages. The FREE plan allows you to make 3 games with a  total of 50 objects.

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