Paladins Strike Guide: Tips to Win

Paladins Strike is a top-down shooter MOBA, developed and published by Hi-REZ Studios. It is available to be downloaded and played freely on both Android or IOS platforms.

Tips to Win a Battle in Paladins Strike

Play all heroes

You shouldn’t just play with one hero. Each hero has different role and each team can only contain 1 hero of a kind. You need to adapt.

Follow objective

Capturing points is preferred. Going out of your way for kills doesn’t benefit the team the most.

Follow teammates

In most cases, move with your team rather than running straight into battle with opponents’ heroes.

Keep learning new talents

Every time you reach a higher level, you get point to spend on learning new talents. I suggest you to learn “Reloading speed will increase by 50%” at the beginning.

Running when being wounded or battles become heavy

The most basic tactic is to run a way when you are wounded. Find a safe spot to get more time for recover. And when all heroes target a location, only fight when you have your teammates around and are in full health.  If your health reach becomes low, stay back then rush back to battle after you are ready.

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