5 Best Android Math Games

Mathematics games are really interesting to play. Through math games, you can develop your mind, speed and skill in solving problem. Following are the best Android math games.

Math games, Mathematics

In this game, you go from simple to complicated problems. It is completely based on the calculations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, etc. The game will test your mind, skill and speed 2 modes and 16 different types of mathematical tasks. It also has a guide which teaches the most effective mathematical methods of mental arithmetic. The game is currently translated into 7 languages.

Math Workout

Math Workout game is an easy but challenging game. It is suitable for all ages. It not only acts as an exercise for your brain but also increases your concentration level. The only issue I have with this game is its outdated design.

Math – Mental Math Games

This game has an intuitive interface which I love. With the help of this game, you can study all mental arithmetic tricks. This is one of the best ways to keep your brain healthy. It is suitable for all ages those who want to be a master in math.


You all know that Sudoku is one of the most interesting puzzle games to play. Sudoku by Brainium is not only a game to challenge but also a good learning system which teaches you all techniques to solve a Sudoku game. Its Hint system is by far the best, it reveals one number in a square then explain why it should be that number.

Math Master

Math Master want to show you that Mathematics is not boring. It will clearly help you learn to count in your mind quickly and preciselyThe game’s design is made simple to help its users focus on the problem. It has over 150 levels to solve.


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