5 Best Android Apps to Learn Korean

Of all the languages in the world, Korean is perhaps the most context-based. This means that the meaning of a word or phrase can change dramatically depending on the circumstances in which it is used. For example, the Korean word for ‘older sister’ can be used to refer to a woman of any age, but if she is married, then a different word must be used.

Context is also important when using honorifics, which are words or phrases that show respect for another person. In some cases, failing to use the appropriate honorific can be seen as a serious insult.

Because of the importance of context in Korean communication, it is essential for foreign speakers to learn as much about Korean culture as possible. Only then will they be able to navigate the complexities of this unique language.

Nowadays, there are many people wanting to learn Korean. Perhaps you have a trip planned to Korea, or maybe you’re just a fan of Korean dramas and want to be able to understand what’s being said. Whatever your reasons, if you want to learn Korean, there’s an app for that! Here are the 5 best Android apps to help you learn Korean.

TTMIK: Audio

Talk To Me In Korean offers more than just online courses- they have books and ebooks too, all of which aim to help users learn Korean. And with more than 1 million registered users on the website, Talk To Me In Korean is clearly doing something right.

The key features of this app include the ability to listen to audio tracks for TTMIK books on your mobile device, repeat or adjust the play speed of certain parts for better understanding, and scan the bar codes and easily add your books as shortcuts. This app is optimized for the latest versions of Android.

Learn Korean Phrases

Learn Korean Phrases is a great app for anyone looking to learn some essential Korean phrases and vocabulary. The app boasts over 800 daily-used phrases and allows you to learn from a native Korean speaker.

You can record your pronunciation and compare it to the original, making it easy to improve your speaking and listening skills. The app also makes it easy to manage your favorite words and includes a search function for quickly finding the phrase you need.

Learn Korean 11,000 Words

Learning Korean has never been easier with Learn Korean 11,000 Words. With over 6,000 words and 1,250 phrases, you’ll be able to cover all the essentials for daily conversation and travel. The hand-drawn illustrations make it easy to memorize new vocabulary, while the professional audio recordings help you perfect your pronunciation.

Plus, the detailed statistics and review manager let you track your progress and identify any weak areas. And with the smart search and speech recognition features, you can quickly find and practice the words and phrases you need.


Eggbun is the best app to start learning Korean. It is designed to guide you through lessons from easy to hard, from Hangul to daily situations. The app is neatly organized, beautifully designed, and fun. It allows you to get Korean language basics in one place, such as learning Hangeul, basic verbs, phrases, and sentences.

You can actually communicate in the South Korean language using this app. All the phrases and words for travel in Korea that you need to know are included, as well as ordering guides and references to K-drama. The Eggbun Korean language tutorials include audio by native Korean speakers to help you with pronunciation. We believe that context is the best way to learn. Through this app, you can talk like a native speaker.


The app focuses on teaching essential expressions that you will actually use in real-life scenarios. No more weird, awkward phrases that no Koreans actually use. The program also has a convenient voice recognition system that will give you feedback on your pronunciation instantly.

It is taught by bilingual tutors who are native speakers of both Korean and English. This allows for a more natural learning experience and eliminates any confusion that might arise from having to learn two languages at the same time.

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