5 Apps to Replace Home Button and Quickly Switch Apps on Android

There are many ways to customize UX on Android. For this purpose, we wish to customize all of our possessions to be different from others, even if it is a little home button on our Android phones. Among them, replacing the hard Home button is a good solution to reduce its damage and boost productivity.

Here are some of the apps are similar to iPhone’s Touch Button, which helps you replace your Home button and quickly switch apps.

EasyTouch by Shere Workshop

EasyTouch is an assistive app which allows you to benefit from its floating button, system tools and wide variety of themes. EasyTouch ensures that the physical buttons on your phones are protected by including a floating panel. You can access other apps quickly on the floating button’s pop-up menu and modify your phone’s settings.

Pie Control by coolAce

This app is the perfect replacement for all tasks button since it includes an array of shortcuts which deem the need for a those buttons unnecessary. An easy-to-operate interface marks the app. Such a feature has been a source of convenience for many.

Floating Toucher by Digital Life International

Why would you need to switch screens when opening an app when everything that you need floats wherever you go? This feature is provided by this app, which consists of a floating button that encompasses all the necessary functions, ensuring that they are all one touch away, regardless of what you are doing on your phone.

fooView – Float Viewer by fooView Inc.

fooView includes a floating button which is accompanied by all your favorite and most used apps and websites. Hence, it ensures that you don’t waste your time looking for functions you need. The app also uses machine learning techniques to save 80% of your operations. Android users have appreciated the simple gestures of this app.

Back Button by ogapps

The physical Home button tends to get damaged due to excessive use. If you want to protect the button and only like to use simple app, this is your choice. Via this app, you are provided with soft-key back, home and task button along with a floating button and a navigation bar.

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