6 Best Android Apps To Learn English

English is a language that is spoken in many countries around the world. It is one of the most popular languages to learn, and there are many apps that can help you learn English. English is a difficult language to learn, but with the right tools, you can be speaking English in no time.

Nowadays it is possible to learn a language on a smartphone. New apps are advanced and intuitive and they are even fun to use. But, there are so many of them, so which one to choose? Here are the best apps for helping you learn the English language.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is truly a revolutionary language-learning tool that can be used anywhere, anytime to improve your verbal and written skills. With Rosetta Stone, you have complete control over what you would like to learn. You can choose if you want to focus on writing, grammar, or conversation, and whether you are looking for quick 10-minute lessons or a more comprehensive learning schedule.

It allows users to track their progress and set goals at their own pace with personalized content and lesson reminders. What’s more, you can use it on both online platforms as well as on smartphones making it even more accessible.

So no matter where you are in the world, if you have access to a smartphone then Rosetta Stone is always there in your pocket ready to help you speak any language. As a result, people no longer need bulky textbooks or expensive tutors all they need is Rosetta stone! Now that’s amazing!


Memrise is the ideal app for anyone who wants to learn a new language quickly and teach themselves on the go. With its unique take on learning, it can engage even the most resistant of learners – you play the role of a detective in space and have to use language skills in order to beat your opponents!

On top of that, Memrise has over one thousand videos featuring native English speakers speaking in their dialect – so you can feel like you are transported to the location itself. This app also comes with goals, awards, and a variety of games that make language learning far more enjoyable than any traditional textbook or worksheet ever could!

And because success depends on short lessons and real-life phrases, fluency will come fast with Memrise. Join the millions of users already benefitting from focusing on what matters most: learning to speak a language. Download Memrise today and become immersed in another culture without ever needing to step out of your home! This app makes sure that language learning won’t be hard anymore.


Busuu is a great app for anyone looking to learn a new language. From beginners to advanced users, busuu gives users the tools they need to become conversational in any language. Providing regular exercises and leveling up your learning with native language tutors, it makes an easy and interactive way of learning languages.

Additionally, Busuu was the best-rated app in 2015 due to its array of interactive tools designed specifically for enhanced language learning. The set-up of these tools is simple: the Vocabulary Trainer & Grammar Review helps remember words you’ve learned and practice areas where you’ve had difficulty in lessons; meanwhile the native language tutors aid users through one-on-one or group lessons when needed.

Furthermore, the offline mode allows students to access all their courses offline as well as giving them access on the go so that they can learn anywhere! Busuu has helped countless students progress on their journey to learning a new language and will definitely help you as well!


Duolingo is an interactive and intuitive language-learning app that has become increasingly popular, due in part to its recognition as one of the best apps of its kind by world magazines. It helps improve communication in various areas like writing, reading, and speaking by teaching learners new words each day and providing them with game-like lessons.

The methods used are science-backed and proven to retain knowledge for longer periods of time, making this app an efficient way to learn a language without sitting through repetitive lectures and long tests. There’s no wonder why it’s so fun to use: each lesson comes with playful rewards, characters that make learning more engaging, and achievement reminders to keep track of their progress.

While Duolingo requires dedication for consistent results, it remains one of the best solutions for anyone looking to get better at English or another foreign language. So if you’re looking to become bilingual—or even multilingual—uploading the Duolingo app on your phone is a great first step! It could be the beginning of a life-long journey full of extraordinary opportunities.

From enriching conversations with people from different countries to understanding what goes on in foreign books and movies – nothing is as rewarding as being able to get around other languages fluently!


Babbel is an app designed to make learning a language easy and enjoyable. Developed by linguistic experts, Babbel provides users with 15-minute lessons featuring an intuitive interface and a new way of learning that takes into consideration the diversity in cultures and differences between English-speaking countries.

Explanations are straightforward yet fun, making studying more effective and less daunting. What’s more, speech recognition is also supported – so if you ever wanted to acquire fluency when it comes to speaking English without much effort, Babbel has you covered. 

The main goal of the application is to enable users to learn English for social and traveling purposes; in fact, Babbel sessions can be tailored according to your needs depending on what situation you find yourself in – whether you need it for work, leisure, or everyday life.

To guarantee convenience no matter how busy your day-to-day may get, lessons are cleverly designed to fit any schedule as each one only requires 10-15 minutes (some Spanish lessons are even shorter). Taken together, Babbel looks like the perfect platform for those who wish to master both the complexities of spoken language and its writing!

Learn English

This comprehensive language-learning system will teach you 11,000 words and phrases–from nouns and verbs to adjectives and adverbs–so that every topic area is covered. What’s more, all of these words are categorized into 10 levels by 200 topics, so finding the ones you need is a breeze. And with 5,000 additional phrases categorized into 7 levels and 120 topics, communicating with other English speakers becomes simpler than ever!

But it doesn’t stop there. The Learn English app also includes intuitive hand-drawn illustrations to help you memorize new vocabulary faster. Native speakers have recorded professional audio recordings for each audio file, so pronunciation always sounds perfect.

With detailed stats for analyzing your results and tracking your progress as well as a review manager to keep everything in place and a smart search engine for locating what you need quickly. Plus, when you feel like you’ve learned enough of something, it’s easy enough to hide away content you already know!

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