Learning a Language as a Hobby

Knowledge has no limit and learning has always a scope. Language learning is appreciated and pursued by several people because they want to expand their horizon of knowledge.

Learning a Language: Several Benefits

Some people do this for compulsion or professional growth as well! However! It has several benefits.

Introduces to a New Culture and Makes the Same More Relatable

Every language is originated from a certain culture. Knowing that language helps to get the respective cultural knowledge at the best and understand the emotions and practices of the people in that culture. Also, it helps you to relate that new language to your own native language so that you can innovate something new at personal level.

Helps While Travel

Sometimes, you might travel to a new place as a part of your profession or hobby. If you know the language of the respective place, then you would face less problems and feel less strange in that location. Connecting with people, reading local shop boards etc. is a great relief at a new location.

New Job Opportunities

Translators, transcribers, writers etc. are always in demand at both, government or private levels. Ambassadors in different countries, and other government officials always require translators while they are in a different location. This helps them to connect with the folks at that new place. In private companies also, sometimes the information needs to be posted or websites need to be created in different languages and content is required for the same. Writer in a certain language who understands the official language as well is mostly hired for such a task.

In movies, some film-stars are casted but they do not know the language in which the film is made. So, in such case, dubbing artists are required, it is like hiring a voice dummy just like body dummy in the movie. However, if the actor/actress knows different languages, then it saves the cost of the dubbing artist and there are possibilities for him/her to get movies in different languages. Many well-known actors and actresses are proficient in more than two languages.

Teaching is also a well-regarded profession when it comes to languages. One can either start an institute on own for teaching a certain language or join as a teacher somewhere. Some knowledgeable people like to pursue research and acquire great academic achievements in certain languages.

Nowadays, people make videos on different topics and spread those among folks. If the videos get translated in different languages, then there are possibilities that the audience reach would increase. The same applies on online articles as well. A linguist can find great opportunities at this front.

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