6 Best Unity Level Editor Assets: Terrain Generator and Map Editor

Unity is a powerful game engine that allows developers to create stunning 3D games. With the help of the Unity Level Editor, developers can quickly and easily create levels for their game. This article will discuss the 6 best Unity Level Editor Assets available to help developers create the perfect level for their game. These assets are designed to make level creation easier, faster, and more efficient. This article will provide an overview of the different types of Unity Level Editor Assets available, as well as the benefits of using them. 

Gaia Pro 

Gaia Pro is an all-in-one solution for generating landscape, terrain, and scene in Unity. It allows you to create stunning mobile, VR, desktop, and console scenes in minutes.

The asset includes many typically disparate and expensive assets into one integrated, optimized, and professionally supported system.


  • Multi Tile Terrain Support
  • Powerful Biome Creation & Mixing System
  • Massive World Creation with Non-Destructive Editing
  • Massive World Streaming, Culling & Floating Point Fix Support
  • Modular wizard-driven design, use as much or as little as you want
  • Vegetation shaders with location and seasonal variation, sss, cover, and snow
  • Asset shaders with location and seasonal variation, sss, world cover, and snow
  • Over 100 Photogrametry Enhanced assets including terrain textures & rocks, billboard & mesh based grasses and flowers, bushes, berries, ferns, mushrooms, stumps, dead and fallen trees, spruce, pine, maple, sequoia, oak trees
  • Beautiful & configurable lighting system with time-of-day support
  • Spawnable VFX system with birds, butterflies, falling leaves, and pollens
  • Spawnable Sound FX system with a range of sample sounds and music
  • Integrated & matched skies, lighting, fog, and post fx for beautiful visuals
  • Integrated weather system with rain and snow support
  • Beautiful & Fast Water Shader and preset system
  • First, third, flying & vr/xr character controllers
  • Easily extensible with your own assets
  • GPU Accelerated Stamping & Spawning
  • Real-time stamp & spawner previews
  • LODDed Terrain Mesh Export system
  • Layer-based asset culling system
  • Builtin, URP & HDRP 7.2+ support
  • Stackable filtering system


GeNa is a tool for spawning systems that helps you to create stunning environments fast.


  • SECTR support
  • Fast intuitive setup
  • Single, Global and Paint based spawn modes
  • Layer based collision detection
  • Works with terrains or meshes
  • Works with single or multiple tiles
  • Automated prefab optimization system
  • Automated light probe placement
  • Spawns textures, grasses, trees, or prefabs
  • Spawns individual items
  • Spawns complex structures
  • Spawns locally or across entire scenes
  • Composable spawner and sub spawners
  • Extensible spawner system via API
  • Design time or runtime spawning
  • Precision placement modification
  • Save spawners as prefabs for re-use
  • Rock ledge and rock wall building
  • Preference & preset systems
  • Cool fence-building system
  • Amazing gravity simulation
  • Multiple spawn algorithms
  • Cool Iteration mode, Ctrl+I
  • Multiple levels of Undo


UModeler is an extension for Unity editor to allow modeling and prototyping easily and quickly. With UModeler, you can create a static mesh asset as well as a prototype a game level without any other external DCC tools.

The tool allows you to:

• 3D Modeling from a low poly mesh to a rather complicated mesh.
• Prototyping.
• Modifying a mesh with a Meshfilter component.
• Texture Mapping with UV Editor.
• 2D Drawing.


Octave3D is a collection of prefab snap and paint tools offer you ability to build beautiful and cool looking environments.

Octave3D organize your prefabs in categories and tags, which allows you to quickly access multiple prefabs and put them on the screen. With the pivot point snapping system, you can snap objects to the grid or to other objects.


  • prefab categories and tags
  • grid snapping
  • object to object snapping
  • easy prop placement
  • prefab brushes
  • object groups
  • symmetry
  • support for multi-story environments
  • tile connections
  • object selection
  • single and mass-erase tools
  • snap and paint masks
  • 2D sprite support
  • level optimization (mesh combine)
  • … and many more!

Archimatix Pro

Archimatix is a powerful node-based parametric modeling that helps you quickly create mutable props and engrossing environments. It comes with many game-ready example models featuring interactive handles that let you manipulate forms in real time.


  • Node-based Graph Editor with Intuitive UI
  • Library of Parametric Shapes and Objects
  • Library Items You Make Can Be Shared via Email
  • Interactive Editing with Scene View Handles
  • Very Fast Realtime Editing, Even with Large Models
  • Grid Snapping
  • Nested Node Grouping
  • 2D Shape Merging, Thickening, Offsetting, and Rounding
  • Relations with Mathematical Expressions
  • Freeform Curve Editing
  • Turtle Scripting for Custom Parametric Shapes
  • Texture Scaling and Shifting to Align Both Repeating Textures and Atlases
  • Automatic UV Mapping and UV2 Unwrapping
  • Texel Budget Display
  • Substance Support
  • Collider and Rigidbody Controls
  • Per-Node Static Flags
  • Automatic Mesh Combination per Material
  • Level of Detail Control
  • Prefab Creation

Dungeon Architect

Dungeon Architect is a procedural level generation tool, which allows you quickly craft your own dungeons both at runtime and design time.


  • Procedural Levels – Generate vast procedural levels with a single click
  • Runtime Dungeons – Generate dynamic dungeons at runtime
  • Theming- Use an intuitive graph-based theming approach to interactively design the look and feel of your dungeons
  • NavMesh- Generates dynamic navigation mesh. Also comes with a navigation agent implementation for moving AI bots along the nav mesh
  • Paint Tool-: Paint your own dungeon layout within the editor for more artistic control, and have the environment automatically build around it
  • Volumes- Use various types of volumes to influence the dungeon layout
  • Terrain Modifier- Procedurally modifies and paints the terrain along the dungeon layout
  • 2D Support- Use the same workflow to create 2D levels. The theming engine supports sprites for your 2D games
  • Scriptable- Add your own logic on any of the theme graph nodes to control the way the props are populated in the scene.
  • Extensible: Designed to be modular and extensible.
  • Sample Content: Free modular assets are included to help you quickly get started.

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