3 Best Tennis Ball Machines in 2024

Tennis ball machines are the best way to practice your serve, ground strokes, and net play. Tennis is a difficult sport that requires hours of practice every day to be good at it. A tennis ball machine can help you get in more reps than an opponent would allow, which will make you a better player over time.

We’ve researched three of the best tennis ball machines available today so that you don’t have to!

Factors to Consider When Buying Tennis Ball Machine?

Price: Tennis ball machines can range from $100 to as high as $4000. You will likely be spending at least a couple hundred dollars on your machine, but some models are much more expensive than others. The price of the tennis ball machine you purchase is important because it affects how often you practice and what kind of equipment you have access to while practicing with that particular model.

Size/Weight: Different tennis courts require different types of balls, so having an appropriate size for your court space (as well as weight) is very important if you want to get good results out of your new investment. If there isn’t already a boundary rope left by the previous owner or company who owned the court before, then you’ll have to buy one separately.

Safety Features: Safety features are always an important factor when buying anything, but especially a product designed for use by children or people who may not know their own limitations. If there isn’t already a boundary rope left by the previous owner or company who owned the court before, then you’ll have to buy one separately.

3 Best Tennis Ball Machines

Spinshot-Player Tennis Ball Machine

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Have you been dealing with a pesky ball machine breaking your game by not being able to drill the same type of shot over and over? The Spinshot- Player Tennis Ball Machine is the only tennis ball machine that doesn’t use plastic.

It’s weight starts at just 19 kilos and can be programmed to create your favorite drills with its Free Phone App!

With different rotation speeds, spins, height, angles and feed rates the possibilities are endless! Finally a true tennis ball machine for everyone all made from strong metal parts to last you a lifetime.

This machine has patented de-jam technology so the perfect drill will never get stuck again! The power options of this machine give it unmatched versatility no matter where you decide to plug in around your house or court.

The system is perfect for home use and even beginners due to its robust design and easy programming via app on your phone that completely changes how spastic tennis drills are programmed!

AnBt Tennis Machine

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Featuring a battery option and an entire track of predefined shots, the Spinshot-Player Tennis Ball Machine is perfect for all ages. Use this machine to practice your tennis skills outside during the summer months and find out what it feels like to have a coach by your side at all times! Toss in a few coins and feel like you’re playing in Wimbledon with every shot.

Players will be able to enjoy outdoor practices year round practicing their skills with both indoor balls as well as regulation yellow tennis balls. The Spinshot-Player Tennis Ball Machine can throw balls up to three or four meters away, using either 4 Type D batteries or plugging into 220V/110V outlets for power. Also, this machine comes loaded with 12 predefined shots, which may be adjusted to suit your needs.

Spinshot Plus-2 Tennis Ball Machine

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The Spinshot Plus-2 Tennis Ball Machine is a new and improved machine that works for both beginners and the advanced tennis player.

Unlike other machines, this one has a control panel on the front which can set oscillation settings quickly with an easy to read OLED screen. This product also comes with a free remote App as well as an optional remote watch so you have full control of your machine wherever you are! All adjustments can be made on the front panel or via remote control, with no need for expensive third party software!

You can Take your practice sessions to the next level with this state of the art machine that allows for customization as well as intuitive settings through a drill maker distance setting designed for any player on or off the court.

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