5 Best Kids’ Art Easels in 2024

Kids’ art easels are a great way to introduce kids to the world of art and creativity. They teach children about color, shape, form and perspective. As your child grows older, they can use their easel for more advanced projects like painting or drawing. The right easel will help you create an environment where your child is allowed to be creative and explore their artistic side! If you want to learn what the best kids’ easels are on the market today, keep reading this blog post!

The easel is the best piece of furniture to help your child develop their creative and educational skills. A perfect addition in any classroom, daycare, preschool or home they give children a special place to draw paint write color doodle and even sharpen learning with penmanship all at once! Easels are an excellent tool for developing handwriting from childhood because when using them kids will have a good grasp on pens crayons pencils chalk pastels watercolor paints and more

Factors to Consider When Buying an Art Easel for Kids?

An easel is a must-have for any child who wants to explore their artistic side. There are several different types of kids’ easels on the market, so it can be difficult knowing which one will suit your needs and budget best. The following factors should help you narrow down what type of easel would work well for you:

Size/Weight – Easels come in all shapes and sizes! If space or weight limitations are an issue, consider opting for a foldable design that allows you to take it with you wherever life takes you. You can also look at buying an adjustable height model if your children grow quickly because these models allow users to adjust the height as they grow.

Materials Used – The material(s) used to create the easel will determine its durability and cost. Wood is a popular option because it’s easy on the budget, but you should consider how often your children will be using their easel before deciding what type of wood to purchase/use for construction purposes. You don’t want an expensive piece that gets easily knocked over or damaged!

Space Requirements – Some designs are better suited for specific spaces around your home than others would be. Consider whether or not there’s enough space in your child’s bedroom for them to fully utilize their new easels as they explore their artistic side!

5 Best Kids’ Ar Easels

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Art Easel

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Looking for a safe, sturdy building block for imagination and creativity? Introducing the new Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Art Easel! Call it your kids’ A-Team because all of their basic needs are met with this standing easel.

It features a tray to hold markers, crayons, and chalk so that you can create without fear of making too much mess. This innovative paper cutter safely allows them to cut out shapes or simply follow along when cutting practice sheets.

The paper roll holder makes it easy to pick up where they left off on art projects–with fresh supplies–without having to mess with more taping or adhesive. Let’s not forget our key component: the dry erase board and chalkboard surfaces that encourage drawing skills while also giving them the opportunity to practice writing letters and numbers!

This wooden easel also includes two large plastic trays for art supplies like paper, paintbrushes, scissors, pencils and more. With this easel, kids can use their imagination as much as they want.

Crayola Deluxe Kids Wooden Art Easel

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If your kids are ready to create some art, there’s no better place! The Deluxe Kids Wooden Easel is a perfect mix of creativity and play, with many ways for them to enjoy the experience.

Not only do they get big chalkboard space on one side of their easel; they also have an additional dry erase board with magnetic surfaces so life is never too dull. It also comes complete with two paint pots for all those great color choices as well as 12 count colored chalk pieces and 3 washable markers that leave broad lines (perfectly time-saving!).

With this whole package you’ll provide hours worth of entertainment–plus at home art studio that will last them years to come.

Crayola Kids Wooden Easel

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Crayola is a longtime leader in the creativity space with products that help kids of all abilities unleash their full potential. The Crayola Desktop Easel for growing artists has adjustable legs so that it can adapt to your family’s needs over time and give kids different ways to play.

There are two dry erase surfaces, one magnetic, for endless possibilities, and paper-locking clips right at hand for easy painting.

This is the easel that will fuel creativity and foster problem solving! How about painting a picture first, then filling in some colors? The Magical Chalkboard & Magnet Dry Erase Board lets kids just switch up their activities as they please.

And this dual-sided easel with paper-locking clips cannot be beat for ease of use! Adjustable legs ensure it can grow with your child too!

KidKraft Wooden Storage Easel

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A KidKraft easel is the perfect way to inspire young artists who love to create, and its double side design will do just that. The dry-erase side gives kids a chance to create on an easy-to-clean surface while the chalkboard allows them to unleash their creativity by drawing right onto it with whatever they want.

This easel comes complete with three watertight paint cups for storing any art supplies. It also includes a roll of paper, making it easier for your little one to start creating! Not only does it provide both dry-erase and chalkboard surfaces, but also includes sealable paint cups for art supplies, 3 roll-image paper with detailed step-by-step instructions on properly using the product. 

As an added bonus, the package of this easel includes detailed step-by-step instructions that make assembly quick and easy.

Hape All-in-One Wooden Kid’s Art Easel

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Give your little budding artist the perfect space to create with this award-winning all-in-one easel! The versatile art toy is easily customizable for painting, drawing and creative projects.

This product includes 3 paint pots and holders to make clean up quick & easy, a magnetic whiteboard on one side of the easel surface, blackboard on the other as well as a paper roll that can be fixed at any point on top.

With a height that can be adjusted from 37.5 inches to 43.5 inches, this wooden easel is perfect for little kids who want to enjoy arts and crafts in style!

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