Best Resources to Learn TypeScript

Many of web developers nowadays are trying to learn TypeScript due to its’ extraordinary syntax as well as the OOP features, which are very much advanced. An interesting thing about TypeScript is that it helps object-oriented development become easier in improving syntax for JavaScript.

Tutorials and Courses

If you are struggling with learning TypeScript, and you are searching for some high-quality resources such as books, tutorials, and online courses, then you are on the right web page. In this article, we will share with you some of our most picked tutorials and courses that we think could help you learn TypeScript by yourself.

  • Handbook – Welcome to TypeScript – This is the official resource for learning TypeScript. You’ll explore assigning types to JavaScript functions and lending specific structures to objects. Get ready to unravel how TypeScript cleverly predicts types based on runtime behaviors, and master the art of creating and defining JavaScript variables. The document will give you a quick yet insightful overview of building a TypeScript web app, and introduce you to the treasure trove of project settings with TSConfig.
  • Understanding TypeScript – This is an outstanding course for you to begin understanding TypeScript from total scratch. It goes far away from TypeScript usage to Angular. It also provides an explanation about the basics, such as giving answers if why TypeScript is excellent compared to JavaScript. You will also learn here how TypeScript works. By the end, you’ll not only know how to leverage TypeScript’s powerful features like types, ES6 support, classes, modules, and interfaces in any project but also have a profound understanding of how TypeScript operates. You’ll get the inside scoop on why TypeScript really outshines basic JavaScript. This isn’t just theory; you’ll see TypeScript brought to life with real-world examples and projects. Plus, you’ll learn how to make TypeScript play nice with ReactJS or NodeJS/Express.
  • Typescript Bootcamp – Immerse yourself in the rich theory of Typescript, then get your hands dirty by using it in real-world projects, including crafting a Node REST API with Express, TypeORM, and more. You’ll have access to code in a Github repo with ZIP files you can download, section by section. This camp lets you deep-dive into Typescript, tackling even its most complex features. You’ll work on practical projects, both behind the scenes (backend) and up front (frontend).
  • Learn in 5 minutes– This is a brief and sweet course in learning TypeScript. It doesn’t offer a comprehensive learning guide, yet it offers an excellent overview of a good start.
  • Introduction to TypeScript Development – This is worth buying than the previous courses. The instructor provides a better explanation for TypeScript. The instructor provides examples of the concepts being provided.
  • TypeScript Fundamentals – This is the most practical and complete course on TypeScript, for it begins from the introduction and then provides an explanation of why and how to use TypeScript. After that, you will now learn its features, keywords, syntax, as well as Code hierarchy.
  • Evolving JavaScript with TypeScript – An 1 hour of detailed introduction to TypeScript. In this exciting video, Anders will give you the lowdown on TypeScript, a souped-up version of JavaScript that still compiles to your familiar JavaScript. TypeScript spices up JavaScript with some optional extras, like static types, classes, interfaces, and modules. This boosts your IDE’s productivity game with features like auto-completion, code refactoring, and navigation. It’s all about making it simpler for teams to talk about what they need and build apps with confidence.


  • TypeScript playground – This playground allows you to compile TypeScript and see JavaScript output.
  • TypeScript playground-on-ace – TypeScript Playground built on the ace editor.
  • TypeScript Editor – Write TypeScript online. It has a default example for those who like to quickly test TypeScript code.
  • React JavaScript to TypeScript Transform – You can convert JS to TS code with this tool. It supports VS Code.
  • TypeDoc – A documentation generator for TypeScript projects
  • TypeScript Standard – Validate and format your TypeScript using Visual Studio styles.
  • typed-install – Easily install new packages and their types, every time.
  • type-config – This is a generator for tsconfig. TypeConfig comes to make getting started with tsconfig really easier: just pick the style and enjoy.
  • ts-essentials – All essential TypeScript types in one place.

Starter Kits

  • typescript-starter – The interactive CLI will help you create and configure your project automatically.
  • next-smrt – A Typescript/NextJs boilerplate with Next.js, Styled Components, Material-UI, Redux (With Redux-Toolkit), Typescript.
  • Next-Postgres-With-Typescript – This is a fork of the wonderful next-postgres repo by @jimmylee with additional support for Typescript and Jest. This should compile successfully as is, but it still relies on many ‘any’ types.
  • MicroTS – Microservice code generator with the interface-first approach: from OpenAPI – Swagger REST API specification is generated complete project skeleton with TypeScript code, tests, and Docker configuration.
  • pankod/next-boilerplate – This boilerplate makes it easier to get up and running with a well-structured Next.js and TypeScript application.
  • jsynowiec/node-typescript-boilerplate – Minimalistic project template to jump-start a Node.js back-end application in TypeScript. ESLint, Jest, and type definitions included.


  • fast-check – Property-based testing framework for JavaScript (like QuickCheck) written in TypeScript.
  • ts-audio – an agnostic and easy-to-use library to work with the AudioContext API.
  • Prisma – Modern database access (ORM alternative) for Node.js & TypeScript | PostgreSQL, MySQL & SQLite. Prisma Client can be used in any Node.js or TypeScript backend application 

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