9 Different Types of Video Games

Video games are available in various types, and usually, they are classified b their underlying purposes or objectives or their features and characteristics- not by the sort of gameplay they have.

Video game genres or classification can also have subtypes, and most fit into many genres. Yes, it can be puzzling; however, by narrowing down the mechanics, you are able to know how publishers and developers classify their titles.

Action Games

Action games are games in which players are in the center and full control of the action that mostly takes account of challenges a player needs to overcome. Some popular action games are Galaga and Donkey Kong.

Action-Andventure Games

This game frequently incorporates two mechanics of the game- obstacles and game long quests that should be overcome with the use of an item or tool gathered and an action element in which the item is utilized. A good example of an action game today is COD or Call of Duty. 

Adventure Games

These games are classified by the type of gameplay, and not the content or story. And while the system has given makers and developers fresh choices and options to discover storytelling in the sort, at a basic stage, these games have not evolved from their origins. 

Role-Playing Games

This is the second most played games at this point, also known as RPG, these games feature fantasy or medieval settings. This is because of the origin that can be traced back to Dungeons and Dragons and other paper and pen role-playing games.

Some popular genres of Role-Playing Games: Action RPG, MMORPG, Roguelikes, Tactical RPG

Games that fall into this classification have one thing in common; they are all made to emulate fictional reality and inspire and excite a real situation or event. 

Final Fantasy VII Remake

After many years of speculation, Final Fantasy VII has been confirmed for a remake. Follow the epic adventure of Cloud and his allies as they get caught up in a massive struggle to stop the threat of Sephiroth and save the planet.

Strategy Games

Strategy games provide gamers a transcendent access to the resources and gaming world as well. These games have gameplay that is based on popular strategy board games. In these games, players need to make use of well-made techniques and tactics to overcome challenges. Simulation games also belong to this type.

Sports Games

These games are epic in simulating various sports like soccer, baseball, golf, football, billiards, basketball, and many other sports. Olympic sports like skiing are also included in this category. Opposing gamers are often controlled by the computer, but can also take the type of real-time, live opponents. 

Puzzle Games

Also known as logic games, puzzle games normally happen on one playfield or screen and need a gamer to solve a puzzle to move forward. 

Logic game

These types of games need gamers to solve a puzzle or steer a challenge. These take account of games such as Brain Age and Tetris.

Idle Games

As technology develops to push the restricted of what is likely in video gaming- and as gamers push the restrictions of types of games, new types are made all the time, and this includes idle games. These games involve minimal gamer, like clicking on an icon repeatedly. 

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