6 Sexy PlayStation Vita RPG Games Worth Trying

RPG games with naughty elements are on the rise in Japan. Following are the 6 RPG games for PS Vita which are worth importing (from Play-Asia) to play.

Omega Labyrinth


Omega Labyrinth is an upcoming roguelike by D3 Publisher. The player has one mission which is to make the protagonist’s wish of breast enlargement come true. Players can obtain unidentified items for killing monsters. These items need to be appraised through the “Boob Appraisal” system, in which the player put them between a character’s breasts in order to identify what they are.

This feature already makes the game sound sexy, but the game’ items push it further. The 2 bonus DLC items, Electric Massager Lance and Hip Shield are really unique, they describe the main theme well. Not everyone is courageous enough to use these 2 items in front of others.

High School DxD


The High School DxD is a part of the famous Japanese novel and is a type of game in which victory is based on humiliating and undressing your opponent. There are a variety of characters to choose from and there are over 50 characters.

By completing the daily interactions and increasing your lust, and power you may be able to trigger the ’Dress-Break’. The game’s interface is purely based on the Japanese theme-based anime characters and the game’s main character is “Issei” who is a high school student and certainly turns into a devil’s servant after a wrong date.

Criminal Girls Invite Only

Criminal Girls Invitation was developed by Imageepoch and published by Nippon Ichi Software for both PSP and PS Vita. The objective of the game is to punish the girls who are guilty of crimes and to train them for the battle.

The game is compatible with the touchscreen of the PlayStation Vita and adds enhanced support to its functionality. Its user interface is based in such a way that the player character suggests moves to the player. The Vita version of the game has two additional characters and the story starts at the end of a game in a school at the night.

Watch Criminal Girls’s 28-minute gameplay:

Great Edo Blacksmith


The Great Edo Blacksmith is the game developed by Nippon Ichi Software and in this game, the leading character is a swordsmith who has only one year of life left. But later on, the sword smith falls in love with a girl, the main goal of the game is to develop swords and decorative and sell them in order to earn money for mining in dungeons. There are battles in dungeons and the sword smith needs allies to fight these battles and these hired allies are girls.

Monster Monpiece


Monster Monpiece is a game developed by Compile Heart. It is a card battle video game developed for PlayStation Vita. It was launched on January 24, 2013, in Japan, and in 2014 the English version was released.

The game allows two players to play the card battle online. Monster Monpiece uses mythological creatures as monster girls. The game has over 100 different cards and a player has to put his card on a 7×3 grid. The game is turn-based and requires extreme rubbing on the screen in order to remove the character’s clothing in stages.

Demon Gaze


Demon Gaze is a dungeon crawler game developed by Kadokawa Games. The main character of the game is Oz that has the ability to seal demons with his eyes. The latest version of the game is Demon Gaze: Global Edition. The Oz has to kill the demons of the dungeon and return to his town with the loot.

Demon Gaze focuses on the part where the characters are set up for the party and they have some secret missions, which are required to be completed by the player. Players can change the difficulty level of the game to suit their own playing style.

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