Best Gaming Monitor Brands

A good monitor is a must-have accessory for any gaming rigs, be it game console or a computer. Gaming monitors come in all shapes, sizes, and price.

Best Gaming Monitors Brands


LG’s gaming monitors may not be the most ergonomic units on the market, but the response time at the maximum refresh rate will surprise you. The response time gets even better at 60Hz – excellent for console gamers.


Samsung keeps pushing gaming monitors to another level. Its top products are known for the incredible response time – almost instant. Moreover, the great refresh rate and the display are not to be overlooked either.


Sony has come up with such a great balance of audio and video that even an office monitor will make a great gaming monitor. You will immerse into a new world, while the refresh rate will certainly aid with the performance.


TCL has always been recognized as a quality name in the industry of big screen gaming. Its most recent releases provide a premium video and audio quality. The responsive performance will make the difference too.

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