Best Gaming Monitor Brands

A gaming monitor is a display that has been optimized for the needs of players. The size, resolution and refresh rate are all factors that make a monitor more suited for gaming.

A good monitor is a must-have accessory for any gaming rigs, be it game console or a computer. Gaming monitors come in all shapes, sizes, and price.

An example of an aspect you might not want in your gaming display is response time which can create ghosting effects during fast games like first person shooters. The higher the number, the better it will handle this problem so look for panels with 0.01ms or less response times if possible! If you have an older computer, then high resolutions such as 1440p and 1080p will give you sharper images on large displays. The size of the monitor is a major factor when choosing your gaming monitor and bigger screens are more expensive than smaller ones.

The resolution will depend on what type of game you like to play as well so it’s important to take that into account before making any purchase decisions! For example, if you love playing games with high detail graphics such as RPGs then 1080p should be enough for your needs but if FPS games are more up your alley then 1440p or even monitors with higher resolutions like 2560 x 1440 would work better for you! Remember, the larger the screen (resolution), the sharper images it can create but this may not be true for older computers.

Best Gaming Monitors Brands


LG’s gaming monitors may not be the most ergonomic units on the market, but the response time at the maximum refresh rate will surprise you. The response time gets even better at 60Hz – excellent for console gamers.


Samsung keeps pushing gaming monitors to another level. Its top products are known for the incredible response time – almost instant. Moreover, the great refresh rate and the display are not to be overlooked either.


Sony has come up with such a great balance of audio and video that even an office monitor will make a great gaming monitor. You will immerse into a new world, while the refresh rate will certainly aid with the performance.


TCL has always been recognized as a quality name in the industry of big screen gaming. Its most recent releases provide a premium video and audio quality. The responsive performance will make the difference too.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Gaming Monitor

There are many factors to consider when buying a gaming monitor, including size, resolution, refresh rate and response time.

Size: The size of the monitor is a major factor when choosing your gaming monitor. The bigger the screen, the better for games and often big screens are more expensive than smaller ones as well.

Resolution: A higher resolution will give you sharper images on monitors with large displays, but if you have an old computer it may not be able to support high resolutions.

Refresh Rate: Refresh rate is the number of times per second a screen draws an image for you and anything below 60Hz will make your games look laggy or blurry, so it’s best to have at least a 120Hz display if possible.

Response Time: The lower response time will help reduce ghosting effects on fast-paced games like first person shooters. If you can find panels with 0.01ms response time then they are excellent for gaming purposes!

In conclusion, there are many factors to consider when buying a monitor but these five key considerations should be taken into account as well before making any purchase decisions since they may vary depending on the type of game that one plays often (e.g., FPS, RPG).

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