Who is Luffy’s Mom?

It is a fact that One Piece is one of the favorite anime’s of the youth and young at hearts. However, Monkey D. Luffy’s mom is never mentioned in One Piece which makes it more interesting. 

Luffy’s mother wasn’t mentioned in One Piece ever which makes the matter more than just intriguing. However, there are two main possibilities. She is either covering up, which is more probable or she is dead which some of you may believe. Now is the time to actually give the answer to the oldest question we can think of. It is probably one of the most important questions as well.

Here who Luffy’s Mom is: The answer you have been looking for

If we take a look more closely, we can see that Oda mentioned the fact he will draw the parents in the Volume 44 SBS volume. Here we can also see that he revealed his father in part 440. On the picture, you can clearly see a man with the African hairstyle and the eyeglasses over it. On the other part of the picture, you can see another character which gender we can’t tell.

An interesting fact is that 150 parts after, Oda drew the same characters again, which was difficult. The real question is why? We believe that this is done because one of them is actually Luffy’s Mom. The claim is more than just accurate if we take a look at the fans who share the same opinion. Their number has been growing in recent years and it is increasing even today.

Is Luffy’s Mom Alive?

Eiichiro Oda confirmed that Luffy’s mom is alive. Luffy’s mother is considered as the world most perilous culprits Revolutionary Dragons lady. The world government is also enthusiastic for her because her child Luffy has already remarkable accomplishments in the One Piece world.

So there is the answer to the question from the beginning. Now you know who Luffy’s Mom is and how we were able to find her. It was difficult but we managed to do this and we are proud to reveal the truth. The secret was in the details and it may be hidden on this was so only the real fans can discover it.  We are true fans and now we know the truth.

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