7 Best Villains in RPG Games

When it comes to RPGs, some villains make such a big impact that you just cannot forget them. They add tension to your gaming experience, but they also bring in an exquisite feeling of satisfaction once you slay them. Each player has unique opinions, yet some villains are so demanding that anyone can relate to them.

Whether you have spent nights or skipped classes to overcome them, they are worth some respect. It is important to know that without a proper villain it will not be interesting to see an extremely long RPG journey through to the end of the game. It will be more attractive to have memorable villains; that is why we have the best villains in RPG games for you here.


Final Fantasy VII

Few gaming villains are as iconic as Sepiroth from “Final Fantasy VII.” This fallen angel is single-minded in his quest to become a god and will stop at nothing to achieve his goal – even if that means burning down an entire city or slaughtering innocent civilians. It’s this unbridled ambition and disregard for human life that make Sepiroth one of the most memorable – and feared – villains in RPGs.

Luca Blight

Suikoden II

Luca Blight is not one of those weak, yet financially powerful villains who got armies at their feet. Instead, he is the mad prince who pulls the sword first and leads armies. The most intriguing episode takes part in the beginning when Luca Blight raises the sword and aims to kill Pilica – a young and defenseless young girl. This character only speaks in text boxes, yet the game music changes. He buys up all the attention with nothing but fear. Furthermore, Suikoden II is one of my favorite RPGs of all time.

The transcendent one

Planescape: Torment

The Transcendent One is practically the alter-ego of The Nameless One. You do not meet this character until you find yourself inside the fortress. However, his internal force dominates you throughout the entire game. The surprising power of this villain is also his weakest point. You can just talk him into suicide only if he recombines with The Nameless One. They fight together, so they become one. It seems hard to understand the actual ego of this villain, but his pressure will walk around with you throughout each scenario.

President Dick Richardson

Fallout 2

President Dick Richardson is one of those well-built villains with clear motives and devious minds. He is a reluctant villain who happens to lead the Enclave. Some people experience an exquisite urge in clearing President Dick Richardson – maybe because they associate him with the modern politician. After all, the so-called purification of North America is based on an aggressive virus that will kill all life. It feels the same with today’s rivers, forests and pollution too.

The Godwins

Suikoden V

The Godwins take villains to the next level. Words and anger are not so credible anymore. Instead, you want villains to have believable and solid reasons for their actions. Gizel and Marscal Godwin are different, but they are so intriguing that you never know what they are up to next. They are designed to love hating. They kill for pleasure sometimes, so this is what makes you dislike them so badly. But at the same time, they look intriguing and appealing.



Id from Xenogears is the type of character that underlines an instinctual blood thirst as soon as you see the aggressive picture. He comes out when you least expect him and for no reason at all. The interesting part is that this character does not always take the same side. It might be challenging to realize who he supports. But then, you figure that he just wants to see blood. This is why he switches camps so often.


The Legend of Zelda Franchise

Ganon, or Ganondorf as he’s sometimes known, is one of the most recurring villains in gaming history. He first appeared in “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time” as the primary antagonist, and has since gone on to plague Link and Zelda time and time again. Ganondorf is a powerful sorcerer with ambitions of conquering Hyrule, and Link always seems to be just barely able to stop him from achieving his goal. That makes Ganondorf not only one of the greatest villains in RPGs but also one of the most formidable foes Link has ever faced. 

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