5 Best Speaker Stands in 2024

Are you tired of standing in front of your audience and feeling like a second-rate speaker? If so, it might be time to invest in the best speaker stands on the market.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Speaker Stand

In order to find out which ones are worth investing in, it is important to consider 5 key factors: size, stability, adjustability, weight capacity, and cost.


This factor refers to the size of your speakers. There is no point in buying a pair of speaker stands if they will not fit under your speakers. Also, determine how much space you will need after setting up your equipment. If you are mounting two smaller speakers to the same pole, then one small stand may be enough for both. However; if you are using a large speaker, you should make sure there is enough space to support the weight.       


This factor determines if your speaker stands will actually hold up to the weight you attach to them. If you are using heavy, professional speakers, it is important for your speaker stands to be able to handle the extra weight so nothing falls causing damage or injury. If you are only using light equipment, this factor may not be very important.


For most purposes, stand adjustability will need to include height adjustability but there might be times that tilt function is also required in order for the best sound quality. The height may vary depending on what model of speaker stand you buy and whether they are fixed or adjustable stands these factors vary based on price point.       

For example; some fixed height speaker stands can be adjusted by swapping out the base for a larger or smaller one.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of your speaker stand is very important when it comes to quality and safety. If you are not careful, you could potentially cause damage to your speakers and equipment when they fall off due to being overloaded. All of the products on this list have been checked for secure fitment so there should be no issues with any weight capacity limitations if chosen correctly.


How much can you afford to spend on these types of products? It is important that the price point is reasonable enough that you are able to get everything that you need without spending too much money. At the same time, however, good quality does come at a cost so avoid trying to skimp on price in order to get the best value.

BONUS: Speaker Stands with Wheels

It can be time-consuming and exhausting for event hosts to carry around heavy speaker stands all day long. Fortunately, there are several brands that offer models with wheels attached for an easier transportation process. This also saves attendees from having as much trouble as the host!

5 Best Speaker Stands

Mount-It! Floor Speaker Stands

Mount-It! Floor Speaker Stands for Satellite Speakers and Surround Sound (5.1 and 2.1) Systems
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Most speaker stands are either too expensive or don’t fit the speakers you have, and if they do fit there’s no way to adjust the height of them. Mount-It! Speaker Stands are a great solution.

These adjustable surround sound stands can be adjusted up to 44″ tall and will work with almost any bookshelf speaker on the market today. They’re easy to assemble, affordable, look great in any room, and best of all they’re made right here in America by an American company that has been manufacturing furniture since 1987!

Mount-It! Floor Speaker Stands will make your music louder and clearer while saving space in your room. These floor speaker stands are constructed of high-quality tempered glass that is 0.5″ thick, which means they’re super sturdy and won’t wobble even when placed right next to a wall or other furniture piece (which is often necessary with bookshelf speakers).

The bottom shelf has an integrated cable management system so you don’t have a mess of wires running from one side of the room to another; this makes installation much easier since all cables can simply run through the pillar instead of having them hang down the side of your speaker or home theater system.

Bose UFS-20 Series II Universal Floor Stands

Bose UFS-20 Series II Universal Floor Stands (Pair of 2) - Black
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Bose speakers sound great on their own, but adding a speaker stand to your setup will make the music even better and more immersive.

The UFS-20 Series II Universal Floor Stands from Bose are the best speaker stands you can buy for your home entertainment system or computer speakers. They’re made of steel with a black finish and fit all cube style Bose speakers as well as Cine Mate 520 home theater systems and Soundtouch Wireless Streaming Stereo Speakers (Series II).

These universal floor stands work with most other brands of 2-way bookshelf loudspeakers too! If you want to hear what these premium speaker stands can do, come into our store in person today!

Bose FS-1 Bookshelf Speaker Floor Stands

Bose FS-1 Bookshelf Speaker Floor Stands (pair) - Black and Silver
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Conveniently turn your Bose 301 or 201 direct/reflecting speaker systems into a pair of portable floor standing speakers using the FS-1 Bookshelf Speaker Floor Stands!

The FS-1 floor stands make it easy to turn your bookshelf speakers into a set of portable floor-standing speakers. They’re perfect for parties or gatherings because you can easily move them from room to room or take them outside if needed. The stands have casters so they roll smoothly on hard surfaces like tile and wood floors. You’ll love how easy it is to get the most out of your music with these speaker stands!

These stylish black speaker stands conveniently convert any Bose Direct/Reflecting (D/R) system into an even more versatile sound solution when placed on their rear wheels, making it simple to create an instant stereo music system within minutes.

The stands are height adjustable so you can determine how far the speakers are from the edge of your desk, couch, or table.

Loopilops Wireless Speaker Stand

Loopilops Wireless Speaker Stand Designed for SONOS Play 1 and Play 3 Speakers - Single Stand (Black) - WSS1-B1
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You love your Sonos speakers, but you don’t want to see the cables on display. The Loopilops is a speaker stand that hides unsightly cables and works with both the Sonos Play 1 and Play 3 in both vertical and horizontal positions. It also includes rubber feet for hardwood floors or carpet spikes for carpets.

The Loopilops is a simple yet elegant solution to hide those ugly wires from your speakers while still allowing you to adjust them as needed. This makes it perfect for any room of your house where you’ve got a spot for some great music without all the clutter of wires showing!

VIVO Premium Universal 25 inch Floor Speaker Stands

VIVO Premium Universal 25 inch Floor Speaker Stands for Surround Sound and Book Shelf Speakers
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VIVO Premium Universal 25 inch Floor Speaker Stands are a great way to improve your sound system without spending too much money or time on setup. These speaker stands are designed for easy assembly, so you won’t spend hours trying to get them together.

They’re also compatible with most speakers, so you’ll be able to use the ones that came with your TV or computer if you already own those devices. You’ll also appreciate how lightweight these speaker stands are when it comes time to move them from room to room in your house or apartment.

This makes it easier than ever before for you and guests at parties or other events in which music is played to enjoy the better sound quality!

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