7 Best MMORPG Games for iPhone and iPad

It is always fun escaping the monotonous world and assuming the role of someone else for a while, even if that someone is a game character. MMORPG games have been providing some of the best role-playing experiences for a long time. Here are the best of such games.

Perfect World Mobile

Perfect World Mobile is the long-awaited mobile MMORPG that inherits the best features of the Perfect World franchise. Conceptualized as a Perfect World where Yin and Yang meet and the five elements reign supreme, Perfect World Mobile is a faithful adaptation of the beloved franchise that will satisfy both new players and Perfect World veterans alike.

With its exquisite graphics for both your character and your gear, Perfect World Mobile allows you to claim dominion over Yin and Yang and seize control over the five elements to ascend to the apex of immortality.

From its cinematic graphics that incorporate realistic lighting and shadow effects, to its massive panoramic world where the three major cities are at their best and most gorgeous, Perfect World Mobile is guaranteed to immerse you in a world unlike any other.

Ragnarok M – Eternal Love

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is a faithful recreation of the original Ragnarok Online for PC, and now all classes from the original Ragnarok Online have been developed for the mobile build! With the debut of the new Martial Saint class, Adventurers can now experience the complete class system from Ragnarok Online.

New class: The Martial Saint class possesses ancient martial art skills from Meteor Forest. Drawing power from the sun, moon, and stars, he can change his combat stance based on the changes in the rotation of the sun and moon. He can also activate the horoscope and unleash the fury of stars.

New mode: Void Territory is a new mode accessible through Dimension Rift. It is here where the most notorious and evil MVPs from all over the world are kept in check. These powerful enemies provide great challenges to any would-be adventurers, so accept the invitation and enter Void Territory today!

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love offers a faithful recreation of Ragnarok Online with all the classes, areas, items, and monsters that fans of Ragnarok love so much!

Empire Online (Classic MMO)

Do you ever daydream about being transported to a fantasy world? A place where you can be anyone you want, go on adventures, and build an empire? If so, then Empire Online is the game for you. In Empire Online, you can fulfill your fantasies by creating your own empire, exploring different worlds, and raiding your enemies’ empires.

With multiple challenges and thousands of pieces of equipment available, the only limit to this fantasy world is your imagination. And at Empire Online, they provide the best equipment for our players, from missions and raids to player-created empires. So come and build the empire of your dreams today.

Arcane Legends

Arcane Legends is an award-winning game that submerges you in a fantasy world full of dangerous creatures, magnificent settings, and a loyal pet. You can build your hero, customize your house, and level up your pets as you embark on an epic adventure with friends.

There are new things to do and fresh ways to play every week, so come join us! You can choose from three classes with dozens of skills, loot tons of gold and items, and discover forests, castles, dungeons, mountains, wastelands, islands, and more.

You can also compete in Duels, Deathmatch, or Capture-the-Flag in PvP matches. Plus, you can collect and grow mystical pets to aid you in battle. And don’t forget to customize your house with infinite possibilities!

Order & Chaos 2

Order & Chaos 2 is the perfect fantasy game for those who want to escape into a world of fantasy and adventure. With stunning graphics, a vast open world to explore, and thousands of NPCs to interact with, the game offers endless possibilities for customization and gameplay.

There are five races to choose from, each with their own unique abilities, and five classes to quest as, ensuring that every player will find a style of play that suits them. In addition, the game’s dynamic combat system allows for endless upgrading and evolution of weapons and gear, making each player’s character truly unique.

And with hundreds of quests to undertake and boss battles to challenge, the game provides an immersive and exciting experience that will keep players hooked for hours on end.

Dragon Eternity

Dragon Eternity is a Dragon MMO where players can explore the vast fantasy realm of Adan. They can sail the seas and join in on unique sea battles. There are over 35 unbelievably beautiful locations to explore, ranging from deserts to wildwoods, and from tropical islands to mountain ravines. In addition, there are mini locations like caves, huts, and bandits’ lairs.

Dragon Eternity also features 6 different types of PVP battles including sea battles. You can choose to play as a berserker, a paladin, or a witcher. You also have the option of training your own dragon companion to bring into battle with you.

The World of Magic

In this massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), you can choose from three unique classes – Warrior, Ranger, or Magician – and hunt boss monsters with an array of different skills. You can also join forces with other players to PvP in the Siras Empire vs. The Kingdom of Lanos’ battlefield. And if that’s not enough, you can also decorate your own character with various costumes, pets, weapons, and armor. 

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