dd() vs var_dump() vs dump() vs print_r() in Laravel

Besides dump functions PHP provide, Laravel brings new functions which help developers debug variabes. They are dd() and dump().


dd is short hand of Dump and Die. The function dumps variable’s content to web browser. Unlike other functions, dd() stops execution of scripts below it.

dd('this is a string');

Output of first line:

Out put of 2nd line:


dump() is similar to dd() but allows below script to be executed.

$tools = [
            'Hammer', 'Screwdrivers', 'Wrench', 'Tape'
echo 'This is another line';

As you see, the string after dump can be printed out to screen.


This PHP function  shows structured information about variables, including their data types and values.

$user = Auth::user();


The method prints human-readable information about a variable.

$car_brands = ['Fiat', 'Nissan', 'Toyota', 'Tesla', 'Chevrolet', 'Huyndai'];

Array ( [0] => Fiat [1] => Nissan [2] => Toyota [3] => Tesla [4] => Chevrolet [5] => Huyndai )

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