What are things I should know before trying coding?

The world of coding is a vast one. There are so many languages and frameworks to choose from, that it can be difficult to know where to start. If you are trying to decide if coding is the right career path for you, then this blog post will help answer some questions and provide guidance on what things should be considered before diving in head first.

What is coding?

Coding is the process of designing and developing software. It’s a valuable skill to learn because it usually requires learning how computers work too. With coding, you can write lines of text that make up instructions for a computer to follow so that it completes tasks automatically. Computers are good at doing lots of things—like math, for example—and without coding, they can’t do much.

What are some benefits of coding?

Coding is a great long-term career choice, as it has been predicted that by 2020 there will be one million more programming jobs than qualified applicants. By being able to code you have access to many high paying job opportunities in fields such as web design and development, data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Coding allows people with creative minds to bring their ideas into reality through technology – from the most basic websites or games all the way up to computer chips! Mostly though, coding can open doors for creativity in ways not possible otherwise; whether you want to create an app yourself or work on building software someone else designed. The skills needed for these types of jobs require training so they cannot be learned overnight.

How can I start learning coding right now?

There are many great coding tutorials available. Here’s one that we really like: Code Academy. You can start learning basic code in HTML, CSS and JavaScript without any prior experience or programming knowledge required!

For more learning channels, you can read this post.

Is there a difference between programming languages?

Yes, there are many different programming languages to choose from. Some of the most popular ones include Python, C++ and Java. They all have their own quirks that make them unique and challenging in certain ways. Choose wisely!

Can I get a job with just knowing how to code or do I need more than that?

You’ll have a variety of opportunities available to you. Coding is an essential skill for many careers, including web design and application development. Some other possible career paths include game designer, software engineer or systems analyst.

Who are some famous programmers?

There are lots of people who have coded well known products include Bill Gates and Steve Jobs who built the personal computer industry with Microsoft and Apple respectively; Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook; Larry Page and Sergey Brin cofounders of Google; and Michael Dell who founded Dell computers.

Are there more jobs that require programmers?

Yes, the demand for software developers is set to grow at a good rate. Which means that more companies and people will be in need of these skills! Nowadays, almost every industry requires some level of programming skills, from marketing to journalism and even medicine.

For example, a medical coder would need some level of coding knowledge in order to understand what’s going on with the patient’s information– that is essential for billing purposes.

Having said this, it will still differ by industry: while there are many jobs where you can get away without knowing how to code (though it might not be as easy), others like web design or data analysis require at least basic skills in HTML/CSS and SQL respectively. So consider your options carefully!

And remember… if you want more opportunities than just software development then also take advantage of any opportunity you have to learn other languages such as Python, C++.

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