Meaning of Purple Color

Purple is a combination of red and blue. Thus, it has the traits of both these colors – the fierceness of red and calmness of blue. The purple color reveals something, related to ambition, nobility and royalty. Moreover, it also represents wisdom, grandeur, dignity, creativity, devotion, pride, peace and mystery.

Meaning of Purple Color

Purple can cause a range of effects on our body and mind. It can uplift your spirits and calm down your nerves. It also promotes sacredness, vitality, passion and spirituality. Blue nurtures sensitivity and tendencies, while stimulating imagination in us.

Light purple, also known as lavender reflects something that is graceful, feminine and elegant. The shades of lavender have some sacred implications in nature. Moreover, lavender has specialness and uniqueness. There is nothing mysterious, related to this color. Purple boasts several good characteristics, like tenderheartedness and insightfulness.

However, while the intense purple reflects the qualities, including arrogance, irritability and impatience. The light purple color reveals the sensations of apathy, powerlessness and negativity. Darker hues of purple also evoke the sensation of gloom.

You know that purple is a blend of cool and warm colors. Thus, you can find a range of properties in purple.

While we look back at the past years, we could find that some royal figures had worn purple clothes. However, as we cannot identify purple color in nature, we think it to be the most precious shade. Purple dyes are much costly. In the USA, the wounded soldiers get a Purple Heart as their rewards. Conversely, in Thailand, this color symbolizes the lamentation of widows.

The purple color relishes imaginative potentials. That is why writers, musicians, artists and poets prefer this color. To inspire yourself to innovate anything, you can choose purple surroundings. You may have heard of the phrase, purple prose. This phrase indicates an elaborately written poem.

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