Meaning of Black Color

Black is the darkest color, the result of the absence or complete absorption of visible light.

Meaning of Black

Black may be considered as a blank or plain shade, but it is actually one of the most striking colors you will see. The phrase “you can never go wrong with the color black” came into existence for a reason. This is one of the easiest colors to utilize, complementing almost any other color in the wheel without compromising their appeal.

Black is often related to class, sophistication, and mostly to sadness and death. Since black is directly linked to the absence of other colors, it has a unique strength to it that is sometimes unexplainable. It is often used to promote power, authority, and seriousness, which then leads to its linkage with formality, elegance, and pride. This is why you can see many fashion designers using this color for celebrities’ gowns and suits.

Aside from these, black is also related to professionalism, mystery, confidence, and sexiness. If you will notice male models during photoshoots, half of the time you will see them wearing a black suit, black clothes, all the way down to black underwear. The color is visually pleasing, and it has the ability to make you feel leaner or thinner while wearing it.

In terms of emotion and other spiritual aspects, the color black is a symbol of sadness or grief. Since it is a balanced color, it can be seen as positive and negative, depending on the person’s perspective. The darkness and emptiness of the color also symbolizes the essence of rebellion, death, and chaos. That is why in popular beliefs, white is used for goodness, and black is used for evil.

Black is probably the most flexible of colors. It can relate to a lot of things at once, and if you are going to use it, it’s best to settle your mood first. If you are not careful, you might intimidate people instead of showing off a mysterious attitude.

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