Meaning of Pink Color

Pink has positive implications to most of us. This color represents love, romance, feminine, charming, sweet, playful and cute. As it is the symbol of love, it also denotes harmony, friendly, approachability and inner peace. Most of the little girls become attracted to pink. There is nothing threatening and intimidating with this pink color.

Meaning of Pink Color

Although the pink color embodies sexual charisma, it reflects innocence. Pink is a combination of red and white. The white tone creates a balance to reflect purity. The bright pink reveals passion, while the lighter one has a virtuous vibe. However, pink and black combination reflects seduction and eroticism.

Pink can affect you in different ways. It removes your erratic disorders and energizes you easily. Hot pink reveals something playful, passionate and sensual. This color also radiates joy and warmth. Similarly, rose pink implies femininity, intuitiveness and maturity.

There are phrases and proverbs, related to pink. Pink colors indicate female office workers. Tickled pink is another term, denoting contentment. Pink gemstones promote acceptance and serenity. They also reduce the disorders and frustrations.

We have found few negative connotations of pink. This color shows inactiveness and unwillingness for taking anything seriously. We also relate the color with timidity.

During the 19th century, young boys in England used pink decorations and ribbons. While these little boys wore their red dresses, the men wore red outfits. Moreover, Impressionist painters of that period used pink for depicting the women.

In our everyday life, we choose pink LED lights. Some manufacturers apply a pink dye on the white LED light. However, while this color starts fading away, the pink turns out to be white. Neon signs are also available in pink color. The manufacturers blend purple phosphor and neon gas for producing pink shades. Thus, pink plays an important role in the light manufacturing field.

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