Meaning of Red Color

The color red is a primary color in the RGB (red, green, blue) color model. At the far end of the color spectrum, you’ll find red. It’s a bold and daring color that says “Look at me!”, making it perfect for your latest fashion line.

Meaning of Red Color

The color, red implies lots of things, including anger, love, violence, seduction and danger. Thus, it has both positive and negative implications. Our ancestors had chosen red color as a symbol of blood and fire. The modern symbolism of red also has a relation to our thoughts in the past.

As we relate red to lust and sensuality, we prefer it as the best color for celebrating Valentine’s Day. However, this color also stimulates our appetite. That is why you can find this color in most of the restaurants.

Red can promote other sensations in us. While everything surrounding us is red, we feel agitated, angry and irritated. This color also makes us fearful and cautious. In Chinese and other Eastern countries, red symbolizes good luck. Similarly, to the Indians, red represents purity. That is why most of the Indian brides love wearing red wedding gowns.

Red is one of the highly effective colors to draw one’s attention. Red alerts you of danger. You know that when the traffic sign is red, it signals you to stop your vehicle. In most of the countries, red is the color, symbolizing danger.

In the RGB color scheme, red is one of the primary colors. Its wavelength ranges from 625 to 740 nanometres. In human body, our blood is red for the presence of hemoglobin. Similarly, the ripe strawberries have red colors for anthocyanins.

The red color has a number of variations. Maroon is a dark bluish red, denoting a thoughtful action. The crimson is another variation of red, indicating sensuality. Now, burgundy is a type of red color, where we can find dark purplish shade. This color presents a dignified action. Another shade of red is scarlet, having a blend of orange. It is a light color and it reflects the enthusiasm in life.

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