Meaning of Yellow Color

As one of the radiant colors, yellow can easily attract our attention. In nature, we can find the color in sunflower, lemon, daffodils and canaries. Yellow symbolizes optimism and creativity. Egyptians and Hindus relate yellow to their deities and religious activities. In the real world, yellow traffic lights indicate caution.

Meaning of Yellow Color

To the Japanese culture, yellow is the representation of courage. Yellow movies in China are the adult films. The Asian countries also think yellow to be the symbol of harmony, wisdom and glory. In the USA and Europe, yellow represents spontaneity and amusement. Some Americans also relate the color to cowardice.

Yellow is a blend of orange and green. However, while the yellow color is for computer and TV screen, you have to maintain the intensity of red and green light. The light reflectance value of yellow is very high. Thus, it works as the secondary source of light. The use of very bright yellow may cause irritation to our eyes.

Yellowcake is a type of mineral, obtained by milling uranium ore. It is also useful for preparing the fuel for uranium enrichment and nuclear reactors. Moreover, yellow is present in gold, sulfur and lots of other elements. Chlorine and fluorine are light yellow gases, while arsenic is whitish yellow.

We can find yellow pigments in different names. Yellow ochre is a pigment, present in some types of clays. The transparent pigment, Indian yellow is useful for watercolors and painting. In the 19th century, artists used chrome yellow, obtained from crocoite. Nowadays, we avoid using it due to the harmful effects of lead. Another pigment is zinc yellow that is highly unstable.

There are some myths, related to yellow. One of the myths is that yellow kitchens trigger quarrel between couples. The rooms with yellow walls may also cause a baby to cry.

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