Meaning of Blue Color

The presence of blue colors always creates tranquility. Blue symbolizes loyalty, honesty, responsibility and trust. Blue color can easily draw anyone’s attention. The color psychologists think that blue also represents someone, who is reliable. The walls of your room, painted with blue color, trigger your confidence and inner security. In your workplace and living room, you can choose a blue shade to reflect ordered and organized settings.

Meaning of Blue Color

Both physically and mentally, you will get better feelings from seeing blue objects. This color has the capability of reducing stress and promoting calmness. For instance, the cloudless blue sky creates a serene feeling in us.

From a spiritual perspective also, blue is one of the colors of wisdom, religious study and devotion. While the surroundings are blue, you can concentrate on your prayer.

Concern and worries are negative things in our life. However, you can remove your baseless fears by focusing on blue shades. Blue stimulates us to stay attentive to our present world, while forgetting the stresses. It also creates serenity in the surroundings.

In most of the countries, blue represents confidence, faithfulness, distance, harmony and imagination. Moreover, in the European countries, lots of men and women love blue.

In the ancient age, blue played a role in the field of decoration and art. Lapis lazuli is one of the stones, used by Egyptians during the ancient period. Cobalt blue color was useful for Chinese artists for coloring white porcelain. Dark blue turned out to be a color for different business suits and military uniforms. As blue relates harmony, European Union and United Nations have chosen blue as their flag color.

Blue is a combination of green and violet. It has a number of variations, including ultramarine, indigo, azure and navy blue. Thus, blue is available to us in both lighter and brighter shades.

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