5 Best Apps To Make Music On iPhone And iPad

Most of you know that making music using iOS is now possible. Of course, you are going to need a great app for that. Luckily, iOS developers made a huge step by releasing some of the most impressive applications for this purpose. We will list 5 of them which are simply said, extraordinary.

FL Studio Mobile

This is the best app for making music for beginners. Still, it comes with 10 sound effects, wave editor, 133 musical instrument support, step sequencer and etc. All the projects can be uploaded to Dropbox or Google Drive and they can be emailed to a friend.

With FL Studio Mobile, you can create and save complete multi-track music projects on your iPad, iPhone or Mac. Record, sequence, edit and mix for a perfect end result. This app is the iOS companion to the full version of FL Studio which has been creating records with electronic dance music producers worldwide since 1998 through its desktop versions

iMaschine 2

Native Instruments iMaschine offers you theability to use a drum set with 16 buttons to develop your own type of music. There are around 400 samples in the library, so starting is easier than ever.

Beat-building software for iPhone and iPad that is fully integrated with more than 100,000 sounds from iMaschine’s AMPLIFi family. Use 16 pads to drum out ideas, mix different patterns together in the Arranger section to arrange your song as you play it in real time or write melodies using keyboard features like Chord Mode and Smart Play Keyboard. With a Pro mode that allows full MIDI output over Bluetooth LE or USB cables, iMaschine 2 is an amazing tool for producers of any level!

Moog Filtatron

Moog Filtatron is a simple app which comes with superb filter, which makes it possible to edit and adjust any type of a music file you have in mind. It is available for iPad and iPhone, but different versions should be downloaded.

Propellerhead Figure

The app comes with a super-easy user interface which is loaded with essential features. You can create any type of music you want. Drums are supported as well. Yes, you can share, mix and etc.

Arturia iMini Synthesizer

Here you get octave filters, XY pads, 3 oscillators and a user interface which is more than just impressive. You are going to love this app. It is treated as one of the best synth apps at the moment.


With these apps, you can create and edit all types of music you want. At the end of a day, you will be a professional musician.

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