Best Resources to Learn Blazor WebAssembly

Blazor WebAssembly is a new UI technology that was announced by Microsoft at Build 2018. It allows developers to use .NET languages like C# and F# in the browser with WebAssembly as the execution engine. In this blog post, we will explore why Blazor WebAssembly might be worth considering and what are the best resources to learn Blazor.

Best Resources to Learn Blazor

  • Blazor University – Blazor University is a comprehensive guide to getting up-to-speed with the latest web development framework. With clear and accurate articles, it’s never been easier to master this new programming style and see the results. It covers essential topics clearly and directly, such as installation, project setup, interface design, binding data sources, actions management, and getting effective debugging tips.
  • Build a web app with Blazor – Build rich interactive web applications using Blazor and C#, with the power of HTML and CSS. Here’s how to set up the development environment in Visual Studio Code, connect to a data source from your app, create a navigation system that can call pages as you wish from one central location, and hook it all together so that when the user interacts with controls in your application we update our model state and send any changed values back to the database for storage.
  • Blazor – The Complete Guide (WASM & Server .NET Core 5) – Throughout the course, you will have all the development power you need and your project won’t be dependent on any browser technology. You can write templates and style them with CSS, and integrate Stripe Payments if you choose to go down that route. In this book we focus on one of the best parts of developing with Blazor – its flexibility; the course shows how to use it as an API Gateway for client app integration, so readers learn about authentication & authorization in Blazor WebAssembly (.WASM) & how to consume ASP.Net Core APIs too!

Benefits of Blazor

Blazor WebAssembly uses .NET languages which are easier for developers to understand than JavaScript. This makes it much more approachable and encourages new developers to start working with the language.

It is possible to use any framework that builds on top of ASP.NET Core, including AngularJS and Bootstrap, so your existing skills can be applied in many scenarios without needing completely different toolsets or frameworks.

One big benefit is there’s only one codebase for both client and server-side logic which means less time debugging applications when they run into problems because everything will need testing simultaneously rather than having two separate projects being updated separately. Developers also know what kind of data structures exist across all levels of an application at a glance

The language is streamlined and has a lot of features built-in, including conditional statements that can be used to modify the page’s content. This includes things like switching between languages or loading new pages based on conditions such as whether you are logged into the site.

You have complete control over what gets downloaded from your web server which means it’s possible to produce HTML files with scripts embedded inline for faster load times across different platforms. Alternatively, if you don’t want any scripts at all then this offers another level of optimization but will need JavaScript libraries included separately so they can be executed when needed.

It doesn’t require plugins like Flash because everything happens natively on the device providing an enhanced user experience.

The .NET runtime is compiled and delivered by Microsoft reducing the cost of hosting. This also means that you can use any library from NuGet as well, giving more flexibility for your development needs.

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